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We’re so excited to team up with Apparoo – the fun app discovery resource for busy moms! Each week, we will be sharing and promoting their latest App of the Week, including amazing discounts or freebies for you guys. 🙂 Often, the freebies or discounts will be temporary, so make sure to check the site […]

Do you know what little girls love? I’d say dolls, puppies, dressing up and having fun. Sprite labs knows girl’s preferences and has come up with a new and engaging free app for iPad and iPhone – Talking Anya Dress Up and Pet Puppies. Anya is a 3D girl, who loves strawberries, cupcakes, dressing up, […]

When your family lives abroad, it’s a daily struggle to keep all of your family members updated with the latest events. I have a private Facebook group for my Estonian family where I share photos of my daughter. To the Spanish grandparents, I send photos by Whatsapp or by mail. It takes a lot of […]

My husband and I love reading. When our daughter was born, we knew that we have to try to pass on the love for books and reading to her too. I have been searching and buying books for her to discover, but let’s be honest. Books aren’t very cheap and as kids interests change constantly, […]

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