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I’m not sure why, but every year during this time I get anxious and want travel – discover new places, eat delicious foods and experience new cultures. We are already planning a small getaway to nearby islands in April just before the Semana Santa (Easter), but we are also thinking about what to do on […]

Think Brazil and you will probably conjure up images of samba dancing, beautiful beaches, impossibly attractive football and the Olympics.  Especially this summer when the eyes of the world were turned to Brazil thanks to the Olympic Games. However, there is a whole lot more to the country including rich culture, exquisite cuisine and incredible […]

You’ve packed your bags, you’ve purchased your airplane tickets, and you have your passport ready for an exciting family trip abroad. There’s one major thing left to do before you set out on a big trip, prepare your home. If you’re planning to travel soon, here are the things you need to take care of […]

Now that we’re all enjoying the warm weather & soft showers of spring, many of us are looking for that perfect weekend getaway. Whether you stay in your home country or you fancy jetting off somewhere for a long weekend, the possibilities are endless. From fun with friends through to a romantic break for two, here is […]

My boyfriend’s father owns a beautiful apartment in Paris, which the family uses like a revolving door for trips (they happen to be a huge family). Paris has become the “go to” vacation spot for all of us, since there is no need for hotel stays. So this time around, my boyfriend gave me a wonderful […]

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The thing about traveling is that once you start, it’s hard to stop. The travel bug can hit hard and it may feel like you can never “get your fill” of it. At least I can’t! I say, travel often. Embrace as much as you can. My adventures have taken me to some pretty exotic […]

Traveling alone can be the most amazing experience. Yes, it’s scary and it can be a huge, unpredictable adventure, but that’s what makes it all the more enjoyable. For those of us who love travel, taking on a challenge like a solo-trip brings a whirlwind of exhilaration. For me, it’s one of my dreams and […]

Recently, I went through a conundrum with my mother, who was looking to take a step in a surprising direction: she was ready to take on the world of travelling again. My mom was an avid traveler in her younger days, and she usually enjoyed touring in luxurious locations or options like all-inclusive cruises, trips […]

It doesn’t matter if you are leaving your country because of the high unemployment rate or just have a gypsy heart and itchy feet, you won’t get far without any money. People who want to travel, but have no extra funds to spend on it, should think of working abroad when traveling. Working in a […]

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