Can you make money through ShareASale bonus posts & ads? We sure have! Over $400 alone in the past 4 months!


And now, we’ve decided to share our wealth of knowledge with you… below are the wonderful merchants who regularly send out bonus posts and/or ads – join them now and make some easy money yourself!

Not sure how this works? Check out our handy FAQ!
What is ShareASale?
ShareASale (SAS) is an affiliate marketing network that works with bloggers and webmasters. You sign up with merchants and link to their products on your blogs. Anytime a reader clicks on the link and makes a purchase on their site, you make a commission! [_/spoiler]
What are bonus posts?
Bonus posts are offers from SAS merchants to publish specific information on your blog, like about a sale, a discount, or a new product. In exchange, they will pay you a bonus regardless of whether a sale is made through your site or not. Bonus posts vary from anything from $5-25 and are sent to you by email. They are almost always written for you - all you have to do is copy/paste the text and images to a post, publish and let them know! [_/spoiler]
What are ads?
Ads are offers from SAS merchants to publish specific ads on your blog, like about a sale, a discount, or a new product. In exchange, they will pay you a bonus regardless of whether a sale is made through your site or not. Ads vary from anything from $5-25 and are sent to you by email. The code is easy to copy and the images are always attractive and made to fit perfectly as sidebar ads or banners. They usually need to be up for a duration ranging from a week to a month. The directions in the merchants' emails will let you know specifications. [_/spoiler]
How do I apply to merchants?
Applying is very easy. Go through our list below and apply to merchants that are relevant to your blog or apply to all. We recommend you apply to as many of these as you can to increase your opportunities to publish bonus posts & let your readers know about interesting offers. "Sell" your site in your applications - let them know why you would be a great affiliate and why you're interested in working with them!  [_/spoiler]
What is auto-approval?
Some merchants will automatically accept anyone who applies to their affiliate program - these are marked as "Yes" in the auto-approval column below. Others will be pickier and choose to review each applicant individually to make sure that the website is genuine and would be a good partner for their brand. These are marked as "No" in the auto-approval list, since they will not automatically approve your application. Then there are others that may base their decision upon your country or your target-country demographics. If you are from a specific country (usually US/Canada, you will automatically be approved. Otherwise, your application will be reviewed. Those are marked as "By country".[_/spoiler]
How do I increase my chances of approval?
"Sell yourself!" Tell the merchant why you would make a great partner for their brand, about your demographics and views, your social following, and anything you could think of that is relevant and would convince them to approve you as an affiliate. Keep it short, to about 2-3 sentences and be honest. For example, in the past I have mentioned our high readership from American moms in the ages of 25-45 and our interest in promoting their products in Christmas gift guides. [_/spoiler]
What countries are eligible for payment?
ShareASale offers direct deposit to bank accounts in dozens of countries worldwide. You can see the list by logging in to your account, clicking on "Payments" and then on "Payment settings". You will then see a drop down asking you where your bank is located. Look for your country and set up your bank details. IF your country is not in the list, don't worry, there is an easy workaround! Join Payoneer and you will receive an American debit card and an account that works as a 'virtual' American bank account. You can then set-up your SAS account to send payments to your virtual Payoneer US bank account. (Plus, the link above gifts you $25 when you make your first $100 on Payoneer) [_/spoiler]

*Please note: Some links are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may get a small commission if you join a merchant or make a purchase. We appreciate your support in this way!