I have to say that I don’t do much online shopping. Occasional orders from eBay and that’s all, but since I discovered iHerb, I’m addicted! They have so many great products with tremendous prices.

This is my third order and it contains supplements, food and beauty products. Enter to see the products I purchased!

The Strawberry Festival is held in Valsequillo – a small village famous for its strawberries and almond trees. Almost 95% of all strawberries cultivated in the Canary Islands come from this municipality. Thanks to the great climate, the strawberries are really juicy and sweet.

Recently, I made a drastic change in my routine: I got a job! I didn’t intentionally search for it, but it came to me and it was a perfect and enticing fit for my knowledge and experience. But it sure is a change in my lifestyle: until now, I was working from home on freelance gigs […]

You had no idea that video conferencing has its own etiquette, did you? Well, now you know! Knowing the right video conference etiquette may help you to get the job you were hoping for or seal the huge deal you were working so hard for. Interested? If so, check out the 10+ simple video conference etiquette tips below.

Now that we’re all enjoying the warm weather & soft showers of spring, many of us are looking for that perfect weekend getaway. Whether you stay in your home country or you fancy jetting off somewhere for a long weekend, the possibilities are endless. From fun with friends through to a romantic break for two, here is […]

It’s Eurovision time again! The first semifinal will be held on May 10th, the second one on May 12th and the Grand Final will take place on Saturday, May 14th!
Check out my favorites!

Life can quickly become messy, especially when changes happen. When you start a new job, move to a new home or have another change in your life, it may be difficult to keep track of important information. Well, let’s be honest, even without big changes in our lives, sometimes we find everything out of control […]

Mother’s Day is coming soon, and we know what that means: husbands and children are all preparing the perfect gift for mom. If this special mom also doubles as a mommy blogger, then this is the opportunity to show love for her as well support for her blogging. There are great gift options for Mommy Bloggers ranging by budget and needs. Here are a list of 15 items and ideas that we know mommies would like (because we would, too!).

As professional bloggers and even as freelancers, we need to understand our rights, responsibilities and privileges when it comes to financial and legal issues. Just because blogging doubles as a hobby doesn’t mean that tax issues should be ignored – either from a positive or negative end. If you’re making money as a blogger and/or a […]

Mother’s Day is coming soon. How are you showing appreciation for your beautiful mom or wife? Have you bought your Mother’s Day gift’s already? If not, here are some ideas from ModCloth

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