Life can quickly become messy, especially when changes happen. When you start a new job, move to a new home or have another change in your life, it may be difficult to keep track of important information. Well, let’s be honest, even without big changes in our lives, sometimes we find everything out of control […]

Mother’s Day is coming soon, and we know what that means: husbands and children are all preparing the perfect gift for mom. If this special mom also doubles as a mommy blogger, then this is the opportunity to show love for her as well support for her blogging. There are great gift options for Mommy Bloggers ranging by budget and needs. Here are a list of 15 items and ideas that we know mommies would like (because we would, too!).

As professional bloggers and even as freelancers, we need to understand our rights, responsibilities and privileges when it comes to financial and legal issues. Just because blogging doubles as a hobby doesn’t mean that tax issues should be ignored – either from a positive or negative end. If you’re making money as a blogger and/or a […]

Mother’s Day is coming soon. How are you showing appreciation for your beautiful mom or wife? Have you bought your Mother’s Day gift’s already? If not, here are some ideas from ModCloth

Being a Stella & Dot Stylist has a lot of benefits! In addition to getting special discounts on the jewelry and accessories that you love, you’ll also have the freedom to style your own financial future when you become a Stylist with Stella & Dot.

When you are a stay-at- home mom, taking care of your children will always be the number one priority. But of course, there’s always the opportunity where you can work from your home, and it’s a wondrous thing because it comes with a lot of perks. For one, you have the option to be more […]

Take some inspiration from these delicious Jewish dishes that you too can make from home and the family can enjoy. After all, there is nothing like trying new, exotic flavors through ethnic foods. From Judaic Middle Eastern to European and North American tastes, we are loving this batch of interesting recipes from Jewish bloggers & […]

Summer and vacations are around the corner and it’s time to get ready for fun asap! Summers are all about travelling, new experiences, great food, having fun and of course swimming and the beach.

So you are asking how can I get ready for summer and stick to my budget? Well, use Groupon Coupons!

If you are looking for budget-friendly gift ideas for your mom, check out these chucklesome Mother’s Day mugs!
A cute mug is a great addition to any kitchen and a witty quote can bring a smile on your mom’s face even if the day has been tough.

My boyfriend’s father owns a beautiful apartment in Paris, which the family uses like a revolving door for trips (they happen to be a huge family). Paris has become the “go to” vacation spot for all of us, since there is no need for hotel stays. So this time around, my boyfriend gave me a wonderful […]

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