This month’s iHerb haul is a little bit different from the past ones, as, for this haul, I have an honor to partner with iHerb and bring you some fantastic snack ideas. Below you’ll also find a special button for $5 off of your first iHerb order.

February, the month of love makes us thinking about love, friendship, relationships, and being alone. In this day and age, almost nobody wants to be single. I really enjoy my alone time once in a while but being single can be downright depressing and incredibly lonely for some people. On the flip side, nobody wants […]

Our team wishes Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our wonderful readers! How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? *The unedited All You Need Is Love image is designed by Freepik.

If you have a knack for home design or simply want to make the most of your interior and exterior space, you may feel it’s important to pay attention to every detail, from the curtains to the handles on the faucet. Designing your home gives you the opportunity to dream, to create and to make […]

We like to get away from the city as much as possible, so a couple of weeks ago we decided to drive away from the crowds and spend some relaxing time somewhere in nature. There were different places we had in mind, but in the end decided for the Jardín Botánico that is located in […]

The first week of meal planning is almost over and I think it went quite well! We did have to make some changes but overall it was much easier than I had imagined. It’s so good to spend some time on Saturday to plan the meals, make the shopping list and go grocery shopping or […]

Cookies by Design is offering the chance to win two special occasion baskets – one for the winner (you know you want one for yourself!) and one to give away – plus one $150 Visa gift card! Come and enter!

I’m not sure why, but every year during this time I get anxious and want travel – discover new places, eat delicious foods and experience new cultures. We are already planning a small getaway to nearby islands in April just before the Semana Santa (Easter), but we are also thinking about what to do on […]

Most of the time we eat at home and deciding what to prepare for each meal is always a challenging task for me. 80% of the time we try to stay away from processed foods and eat healthily instead. We do get a pizza delivery, Chinese take out or an occasional McDonalds meal once in a while, […]

It’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day and gifts again! The gift guide below is for people who love food, beverages and having a good time. Our Valentine’s Day foodie gifts are perfect for enjoying with your significant other or even with your friends.

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