Finding gifts for the men in our lives can be challenging. So this year, I took things more personally: If I was buying a gift for my dad or boyfriend, what gifts would I select for them?

And thus I managed to find a few items that I’m sure would be a hit, not just for them, but for many men out there. Men tend to be the ‘ignored’ side of gifting holiday celebrations – let’s change the trend and buy them a meaningful gift that they can enjoy & appreciate.

Pampering gifts are a great way to make someone’s day special! We heave collected some splendid pampering gift ideas for her. From mouthwatering chocolates to fun bath sets, there is something for everyone!

Grandparents deserve special holiday gifts that display all our love & appreciation for them. Whether it’s your children’s grandparents or your own, grandma & grandpa are easy to shop for – as long as you use your heart as a guide.

This gift guide takes up a special place in my heart. I featured some of the gifts I gave my own grandparents throughout the years, all of which they still use. :)

Take a look at our favorite heartfelt gifts for grandma & grandpa!

Blurb photo books make a really great gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings and for almost any occasion. Give something different this year for your family, surprise them with heartwarming photo books!

How do you find the perfect gift that combines thoughtfulness and usefulness while remaining affordable?

Let us introduce you to the beautiful artwork of A Touch of Dazzle, the artist creating dazzling gift sets including artistic greeting cards and personalized floating pendant lockets with inscriptions and adorable, little charms.

We have gathered a wide variety of gift ideas for all the family, to make your Christmas shopping easier. Come and have a look!

Usually, the first things that come to our mind when choosing a present for a girl are dolls, play kitchens, doll houses, stuffed animals and cute dresses, but there are so many unique gifts out there, you just have to look around a little. Check out our gift pick for little girls!

Crafting and creating DIY projects is more than just a hobby: it’s a way of life! There is nothing quite like the joy of creation, whether it’s an original and unique DIY or following steps guided by another crafter.

Lucky for us, the crafting world offers an unending supply of fun goodies, accessories and ideas that make for the perfect holiday gifts for those who love to create.

Here are some of the most inspirational gifts we found for crafters & DIYers!

Give your child a gift of imagination this year! Miss Kate offers a great variety of products for your kids to let their imagination run wild when they are pretend playing. Thanks to their safe and natural play cosmetics, children can convert themselves to princesses, fairies or other magical creatures and at the same time, the parents are assured, that their child’s delicate skin is really well taken care of. Read or review here!

When it comes to gifts for book lovers, most people stay ‘inside the box’ and gift us books. But here is a little secret: there are so many creative gifts that we bibliophiles would LOVE to receive, inspired by books (of course) and allowing us to show our love for the written word.

Here are a few perfect gifts for the book lover in your life!

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