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The first week of meal planning is almost over and I think it went quite well! We did have to make some changes but overall it was much easier than I had imagined. It’s so good to spend some time on Saturday to plan the meals, make the shopping list and go grocery shopping or […]

Most of the time we eat at home and deciding what to prepare for each meal is always a challenging task for me. 80% of the time we try to stay away from processed foods and eat healthily instead. We do get a pizza delivery, Chinese take out or an occasional McDonalds meal once in a while, […]

This week’s organic fruit and veggie box included some super delicious local strawberries and bananas (platano Canario) too, so I decided to treat myself with a super delicious Strawberry Banana Chocolate Croissant Recipe for breakfast. It’s easy to make and this croissant recipe is perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast, for a brunch or as a […]

A healthy chocolate pudding that even the picky eaters will love! Made with banana, avocado and dates! It’s perfect for a snack or a dessert.

We decided to gather a handful of delicious pie recipes, all made of pumpkin! From an easy homemade pumpkin pie to the heavenly chocolate one, there are recipes that every pumpkin lover would love to try!

While we are “enjoying” the heat wave and it looks like autumn is really far away, I still dream of cool fall evenings, baking and delicious comfort foods. The first thins that come to my mind when thinking of autumn are colorful leaves, crispy air, back-to-school and of course apples! We really love apple pie […]

We have had a pretty cool summer this year. The temperature has been lower than usually during the summer, but the weather predictions say that the heatwave is coming soon and we are preparing to fight the heat!

What better way to stay cool during the summer than a refreshing glass of ice cold lemonade?

When we started scratching things like all-purpose flour, sugar, and butter among other products off our menu, the first thing that came to my mind was that I can’t enjoy any lemon tarts again. Yes, I know it’s a strange thought, but I have to tell you that my aunt makes the best lemon tart […]

Smoothie is a versatile drink that let us get creative – there are so many mouthwatering combinations to try! While I do not consume smoothies daily as they are real sugar and calorie bombs, I find that they make a great breakfast when I’m in a hurry or a sweet snack when I need my […]

Take some inspiration from these delicious Jewish dishes that you too can make from home and the family can enjoy. After all, there is nothing like trying new, exotic flavors through ethnic foods. From Judaic Middle Eastern to European and North American tastes, we are loving this batch of interesting recipes from Jewish bloggers & […]

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