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To make Christmas shopping for the creative people in your life easier, we teamed up with Crafty Croc®! Together, we’ll bring you some fun and colorful gift ideas for crafters & DIYers.

After doing a little bit of research on kids nail polishes, I found that there are polishes that are not only safe for kids to use, but they are also mess-free and still give your kids nails fun and cute look.

Want to know more about these nail polishes? Let me introduce you to Safe’n’Beautiful!

7 Charming Sisters has a wide assortment of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and bridal sets so you should be able to find a present for any girl in your life.

One company that offers a selection of health and natural skin care products is Beauty By Earth, and today I can share a review of some of their products!

I’m addicted to iHerb! They have so many great eco-friendly, organic and healthy products that I just can’t stop ordering and wanting to try all the things they have to offer. At this moment I have 2 packages on their way and lot of goodies to review.

Below you can find the products that arrived in my last order and also an iHerb coupon code that gives you 10% off of your first order!

I have been struggling with breakout prone skin since I was a teenager. Now, almost 32 years old, I still have to fight with breakouts and blemished skin. It’s distressing and affecting me a lot. I have to say that I have visited dermatologists, but the products they have prescribed are really harsh to my […]

Come and check out a review of the iHerb products I ordered in September and a $5 off iHerb coupon code for your first purchase on the site.

It’s time for another haul post! This time, the haul is all about dietary supplements. Come and check out the iHerb Haul July edition.

I know that we sometimes feel guilty about taking some time off, as there are tons of things to do and so many people to take care of, but according to Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D.,

… taking care of yourself is something that you should never feel guilty about. It not only models healthy behavior for the ones you love, it also keeps you happy, healthy, and strong so that you can continue doing what fulfills you; and if that’s taking care of others, then you’re in an even better position to do that.

I have to say that I don’t do much online shopping. Occasional orders from eBay and that’s all, but since I discovered iHerb, I’m addicted! They have so many great products with tremendous prices.

This is my third order and it contains supplements, food and beauty products. Enter to see the products I purchased!

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