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20 Entertaining Science Experiments for Kids

I have gathered a list of 20 entertaining science experiment ideas for kids. The experiments are really easy to make and usually, the items you need are few things you most likely already have on hand. There are experiments where your kids can see the results at the moment, but also some, where they have to wait for a few days or even weeks to see the end results.

Have fun!

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Save Money on “Me Time” with Groupon

I know that we sometimes feel guilty about taking some time off, as there are tons of things to do and so many people to take care of, but according to Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D.,

… taking care of yourself is something that you should never feel guilty about. It not only models healthy behavior for the ones you love, it also keeps you happy, healthy, and strong so that you can continue doing what fulfills you; and if that’s taking care of others, then you’re in an even better position to do that.

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