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In the past, we’ve discussed how to do balcony gardening and grow medicinal plants and culinary herbs. Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of growing your own delicious vegetables! Starting an organic garden is not only a step towards being more environmentally friendly, but it has a huge perk: it can stock you with tasty vegetables […]

I know that spring is months away, but there are a lot of people (including myself) thinking on their gardens and on what to plant and when to start your seeds. But making the most of your garden need not be limited to digging, planting and trimming. Why not turn an angle of the garden […]

Setting up a patio in your backyard is a great idea! Here are a few good reasons why your family needs one and some beautiful examples to get you inspired.

It’s spring! And it’s also time to start thinking about your garden again. I can’t wait to start my balcony garden. Just have to wait a little for the weather to warm up. Have you thought what veggies and other plants will you grow? What about adding some medicinal plants this year, creating your own little […]

A backyard needs to be your escape in the summertime. Here are a few necessary components to ensure that your garden is a heavenly spot of relaxation and fun!

Keeping your children safe from the pool is so important. Learn the different options available to you and keep your kids away from danger!

I grew up in a house with a huge garden. I remember the summer and waiting for the first strawberries to mature, eating sweet peas and tasty tomatoes. These are really important memories for me and I’m sure gardening gave me the respect and love for nature. I hated weeding, but it doesn’t ruin my […]

The most important thing about food is its flavour. Different and interesting flavours are created when using a variety of culinary herbs and spices. I try to use fresh herbs in my food as much as possible. There are a lot of different options when adding flavour to our food. Culinary herbs let us reduce […]