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February, the month of love makes us thinking about love, friendship, relationships, and being alone. In this day and age, almost nobody wants to be single. I really enjoy my alone time once in a while but being single can be downright depressing and incredibly lonely for some people. On the flip side, nobody wants […]

Valentine’s day is just a month away and many of us have already started on planning a romantic Valentine’s Day date, thinking on what gifts to buy and some will be rehearsing how to declare their love. While I wildly adore gifts and romantic dates, I find that actions speak louder than words and gifts. […]

Childproofing your home might be a tedious work, but it might help prevent injuries and keep your kids safe. Come and check out our tips!

If you have decided to move abroad with your partner or spouse, you may find that this decision will bring about a whole new set of challenges for your relationship. When living abroad, you will no longer have the same home comforts that you’ve been used to, for example having family and friends close by. […]

A healthy chocolate pudding that even the picky eaters will love! Made with banana, avocado and dates! It’s perfect for a snack or a dessert.

I have gathered a list of 20 entertaining science experiment ideas for kids. The experiments are really easy to make and usually, the items you need are few things you most likely already have on hand. There are experiments where your kids can see the results at the moment, but also some, where they have to wait for a few days or even weeks to see the end results.

Have fun!

Hardly does a day go by without my daughter telling me: “Mom, I want to play with you!”. While I like to participate in her games and pretend plays as often as I can, there are days when I’m dog-tired, stressed or have so many household chores to do that I’m not interested in playing at all. And let’s be honest, on some days, playing seems like an extra chore.

So on the days when I don’t feel like playing, I still spend some quality time with my daughter and give her 100% of my attention, but playing the things I like.

Jumping Jack a board game for 2-4 players ages 4 and up. This game is really easy to play! Plant the carrots on the bunny hill, place Jack on top of his hill and start playing. Every player chooses a basket they like the most and start spinning the spinner.
One of the carrots will make Jack jump in the air, and that’s when the game ends. If Jack jumps on your turn and you catch him in the air YOU WIN! If you don’t catch him, then the player with the most carrots wins.

It’s your day, and you should be able to enjoy spending time with your husband and family. Dance until your feet hurt and remember every perfect detail of your wedding. Hire a wedding planner and savor every moment of your new life has a husband and wife.

My 3-year-old daughter loves to craft! She usually doesn’t settle just for coloring or drawing – she wants to use glue, tempera paint, scissors, glitter, and other items that can create a big mess. As I’m the one who usually has to clean up her mess, I try to stay clear of untidy activities. It’s […]

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