Who doesn’t love Snoopy?!  I grew up on the Snoopy comics and always found them to be smart and funny. Before the days of the internet, I used to wait for the Sunday newspaper to read the Snoopy comics. Now all you have to do is Google them and you will find all the Snoopy comics that you want. How times have changed!

For fellow Snoopy lovers out there, SnoopyStore.com has some great Snoopy and friends products. There are products for babies, clothing, home décor, gifts, and more – something for everyone! Personally, I always loved Linus the most, so I would go for one of the items he’s featured in.

He was always a sweetie, wasn't he?

He was always a sweetie, wasn’t he?

If you too are a Peanuts comics fan, check out all their great (and official) merchandise!

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