Every mom knows that it’s really hard to keep the entire house sparkling when there are toddlers, babies and pets around. And I even don’t want to mention windows and glass doors full of fingerprints and those beautiful carpets that are full of stains now. It seems that our livingroom carpet is like a gigant stain magnet. Every time I get it clean, another stain appears.

Finding stains on your carpet is inevitable, and every carpet owner eventually has to deal with it. It doesn’t matter how big the stain is, it seems that it becomes to focal point of the room, and it drives you crazy. If you find yourself in this situation, consider the following stain removal tips! You’ll see that normally, removing a carpet stain is not that difficult at all.

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  • Fast action is important, but sometimes that isn’t necessarily and option. However, the sooner you address the problem, the better your results will be.
  • First, begin by removing the source of the stain (food, dirt, etc), and gently scrape the stain with a teaspoon of dulled knife. Don’t rub the stain, as this may damage the carpet fibers or set the stain even more. If the spill is wet, absorb with a paper towel or dry cloth.  When blotting, work from the outside of the edge in toward the center to prevent the stain from spreading.
  • Once the stain has been blotted or lifted use a mild detergent. Always test the solution on a small piece of carpet before applying to the entire floor. It’s also important to check with the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning tips and solutions. A solution of one tablespoon ammonia and water can be used on any carpet that isn’t wool or wool blend.
  • After the stain is removed, clean the area with clear water. The water will help make sure no detergent or cleaning residue is left behind.
  • Place paper towels over the wet spot to soak up all moisture.
  • If the stain hasn’t been lifted, don’t panic. Now it’s time to consider seeking out a professional shampoo service for your carpet. Experts sure know how to deal with your carpet and get those nasty stains out.

Do you have any carpet cleaning tips? You are welcome to share them below!

Unedited image by wixphoto.com / CC BY