Soon it’s back-to-school time again! Here, most of the kids start the school again on September 11th so we have almost two months left but I have started with back-to-school planning already.

I have the books ordered, uniform reserved and most of the shopping done so I’m almost ready! One thing I usually struggle with when it’s back-to-school time is the lunch box. I run out of ideas what to pack for my daughter’s lunch really quickly and that makes our mornings stressful.

So this year I have decided to compile a list of easy but delicious lunch box ideas so whenever I lack ideas I can refer to the list.

Easy Lunch Box Ideas for Back-to-School

Below you’ll see 15 easy recipes that might help you to pack your kid’s lunch box with a fun and yummy food!

Hungry Hippos

Pepperoni Pizza Bites

Apple Peanut Butter Teeth

Cheese, Chutney and Apple Mini Pittas

Cranberry Breakfast Bites


Easy Cuban Sandwich Wrap

Homemade Cheez-It

Easy Homemade Granola Bars

Homemade Lunchables with Ham

Grape Juice Fruit Leather Recipe

Fruit Roll Up Apple Pops

Vegan Granola Wraps with Apple and Peanut Butter

Freezable Pizza Pockets

Turkey, Apple & Goat Cheese Roll Ups with Smokey Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Whole Wheat Crispy Popcorn Chicken Wrap

If you need a new lunch box or a bag for you kid, check out these fun ideas!

What are your favorite lunch box recipes?

**The lunch boxes unedited featured image is designed by Freepik