I can’t believe that Christmas is just a week away! I have been in a holiday mood since the end of the November already and can’t wait for the Christmas morning to arrive!

The holidays are usually a beautiful and happy time but sometimes it might be the saddest time of the year for some people. Whenever I’m feeling low because I can’t be with my Estonian family during the Christmas time I tend to think about the past Christmases and take the best of the holidays with my daughter and husband.

A good way for me to get back to holiday spirit is to watch Christmas adverts!  They are always full of hope, joy and beautiful thoughts!

Here are some of my favorite Christmas adverts of 2016:

This M&S ad is by far my favorite! Check out what book Mrs. Claus was reading at the end of the ad:D

I really like that Huawei knows that it’s easy to get carried away by our great Smartphones but at least once a year we should put them aside and #BePresent.


Check out why a Polish grandpa learns English for Christmas. Impossible to not to cry in the end!

Coca-Cola spreading holiday cheer to people who are busy preparing for Christmas! Who will you give a Coke to this Christmas?

Do you see what I see? Santa is everywhere! You just have to believe! – Meijer


A teddy bear trying to compete with a robot dog! Such a beautiful advert from Migros!


There are tens of other wonderful and heartwarming Christmas ads, be sure to also check out:

Do you like to watch Christmas adverts? Which one is your favorite?