Deserts are unique places on the map of the Earth. You will not find such unusual and picturesque landscapes anywhere else. A visit to the desert should be on everyone’s bucket list. There are several reasons for such a trip.

First of all, in the desert you could feel a real connection with nature. There’s usually no cellphone service or other types of distractions. After all, the driest regions of the world are the best places for real ecotourism. Multi-day expeditions on the back of a camel, traveling in four-wheel drive cars, camping among dunes, well, nature lovers have many options to enjoy the desert landscapes. Yoga and meditation lovers will also appreciate this quiet place, where a human foot rarely steps.

Here is a list of the top 5 desert destinations which are definitely worth visiting.

Empty Quarter Desert in Abu Dhabi

The first place goes to the Empty Quarter Desert in Abu Dhabi. It is the largest sand desert in the whole world. Almost the entire territory of the United Arab Emirates is covered by desert. In the Arabic language, the word desert means a sea without water. Bedouins have learned how to live in this empty and sandy land.

The United Arab Emirates has demonstrated significant economic growth over the past decades. Although skyscrapers and huge shopping malls are now one of the main attractions, a significant part of this Arab country remains untouched by the desert. The land of sands, dunes, and camel caravans.

In Abu Dhabi, safari tours in the desert have gained the most popularity. But here you can also book a camel ride or even a balloon with an overview of the amazing landscapes. Furthermore, there is something to see because the territory of the UAE is dotted with mountains and rivers. Giving those tourists who love nature the opportunity to get to know the local wildlife. In Dubai, it is possible to rent cars and go to conquer the desert.

Otherwise, if you prefer high-quality motorways with a view of high skyscrapers, then you definitely should rent a Ferrari in Dubai to enjoy the speed behind the wheel of a premium racing car. Additionally, it is a mistake to believe that car rental services are expensive in Dubai. According to the statistics, car rental is even cheaper than a taxi, their mobility and comfort will definitely be a big plus.

Wadi Rum in Jordan

The rocky desert of Wadi Rum is located in the south of Jordan. It’s one of the most picturesque places in the country. This desert is even included in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The desert in Jordan is famous not only for its red landscapes but also for historical events.

The Arabian desert occupies a large part of the country, with many historical buildings on its territory. The palaces and fortresses were built in oases in the Middle Ages. This place would be admired by tourists who are fond of climbing and of course for those who are keen on history.

Namib desert in Namibia

Namibia is known for being one of the least populated countries in the world. The vast expanses of the Namib desert impress everyone who has been there at least once. The whole country is practically dunes and the amazing wildlife of this desert. Therefore, making it a perfect tourist destination.

Although the dunes attract many travelers, with a good guide, you can easily get to the center of the desert and experience the very solitude that can be found only in such sparsely populated natural places.

Sahara desert in North Africa

It is impossible to make a list of unique deserts and not include the most famous of them – the Sahara. This desert covers most of North Africa. However, despite the area of more than 8 million km, the Sahara is not easy to visit, due to the political situation.

Morocco is one of the countries within the Sahara, from where it is most convenient to start a journey through the desert. Here you can book a camel or a car trip for a few days.

Atacama in Chile

If you look at the world map, you’ll find a desert between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of South America. The Atacama, located on the territory of Chile, is the driest and coldest desert in the world. Rainfall in the Atacama Desert is extremely rare. In some areas, there have been no rainfalls for more than four years.

Desert landscapes mostly consist of dried-up salt pools. Choose a place for your trip and hit the road. However, it’s better to visit deserts with a group of friends, not alone because deserts are quiet places where it’s easy to get lost.