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Vacations are ending, school is starting again soon and all this blissful summertime will be over in just a blink.

Kids go back to school or kindergarten and parents to work – adapting to all the changes will make the first couple of weeks really stressful and chaotic. How to juggle practices, after school activities, carpooling, playdates, meal planning, medical appointments and many other errands might be a parent’s worst nightmare. Here’s where organizing and planners come in and help out – even the busiest family will work like a clockwork when the planning is made in advance.

We are just a family of 3 so it doesn’t seem like we need a lot of schedules,  but between our jobs, Sofia’s school and after school activities, gym, and my husband’s rehabilitation, we have to plan well to get everything done and running well.

I have always liked planning, making lists, scheduling and of course planners and calendars are my debility!

At the moment, we are mostly using Google Calendar to stay synchronized so we both always know what we have outlined for every day. I also use a paper planner – it’s a perfect place to pencil in all the most important appointments and daily chores, making it difficult to miss anything, as I have it always open on my desk.

Normally I buy a new planner at the end of December or at the beginning of January, but this year I decided to get a new agenda starting from September.

Check out these cute planners 2015 and 2016! Que Planes Geniales Tienes Hoy planner by mr. wonderful* shop.

It’s a cute September 2015 to December 2016 planner by mr.wonderful* shop!

Check out cute planners 2016 by mr.wonderful* shop!

It’s a hardcover agenda with a weekly view, motivational quotes, and illustrations. At the beginning of the planner, there is a space to fill in several personal details and also a list for 30 things you’d like to do during the year and 3 double pages of weekly timetables.

Every week comes with a cute phrase to keep you motivated and the holidays are marked with corresponding illustrations. I’d say it’s a really cheerful planner, as the images and quotes are bound to make you happy and smiling even when the day has been bad.

I really like this planner for all the extras it brings:

  • an elastic band to keep it shut
  • 220 different stickers to decorate the agenda
  • a pocket to keep important keepsakes
  • several pages for different lists and things you must not forget
  • page dividers
  • 6 double pages with grids to organize the whole year
  • a space to plan a vacation or a getaway

The only downside at the moment is that every day has really little writing space, but as I will use my other planner too, it shouldn’t be a big problem.


If you are looking for planners 2015 or planners 2016, check out these cute options!

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