Did you know that people who live to the age of 80 have been asleep for 26 years of their lifespan? That’s a lot of years sleeping! As we spend so much time sleeping, I think our bedroom should be our sanctuary, a place that we can relax and feel comfortable in.

So let’s dedicate some extra time to it and create a perfect place for retreat. Below, you’ll find four easy ways to create a cozy bedroom!

Focus On a Comfy Bed

Focus on comfort when it comes to your bed. Choose the materials, colors, and textures that you love!  For me, the best sheet sets are always made of 100% of cotton. When buying bedding, plan both for warm and cool nights because the weather changes quicker when getting a bit out of season. You want to get a good night’s sleep, no matter the temperature.

You can also add comforters, throw pillows, and blankets to snuggle up with when reading a book or enjoying a cup of tea. I usually buy more than one set of my favorite bedding, so I can still enjoy the comfy bed, while the others are in the wash.

comfy bedding for a cozy bedroom

Create a Reading Nook

Any bookworm will tell you, having a quiet place that’s comfortable to hide away and read is the best thing ever. If you have some extra space in your bedroom, we definitely recommend you to create a small reading or sitting nook.

This place would be ideal for relaxing, having a cup of warm drink and of course reading. It doesn’t have to be a big space. A good-sized beanbag, comfortable armchair or a comfy sofa in a well-lit corner will do the trick.

Mood Lighting

While overhead lighting is necessary for most of the rooms, for bedrooms it’s usually too bright. To create a cozy bedroom, experiment with some mood lighting. You can use bedside lamps, fairy lights or opt for smart lighting systems that can be controlled without leaving the comfort of your cozy bed.

We are using Philips Hue Go Portable lights and we really love them. They are super easy to use and let you change the colors and the light intensity from an app on your phone or with a simple button click on the lamp itself.

Philips Hue for a cozy bedroom


Keep Electronics Out Of Bedroom

I have noticed that when I leave my phone on the nightstand even if turned off, I sleep worse. So I keep my phone in another room and always turned off during the night. All devices that emit light are promoting wakefulness and make it harder to fall asleep, so It’s better to keep the TV, laptops, phones, and tablets out of the bedroom.

If you do need to use your electronics in the bedroom, we recommend adding a blue light nighttime app to your smartphone and tablet and check change the light temperature on your e-Reader, if possible.

What are your must-haves for a cozy bedroom?