Healthy diet plans, balanced diet plans, and safe and healthy tips to lose weight for students in college.

These words might strike you as unheard of and completely impossible.

Just as asking how to eat healthy in college and lose weight is like asking how to fly.             

Can’t blame you. After all, most advice for college students involves time management and study habits, and there are but a few tips about what is a healthy diet for stressed students.

Stress causes weight gain and weight gain does not necessarily translate to health, lest you forget.

Think about it: innumerable deadlines, reports, presentations, and endless reading require energy.

Where will you get the energy without gaining weight? From good healthy food.

In college, a healthy mind is everything. Eating healthy in college is just a matter of an open mind and little effort. 

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Tips to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

Stress from the college battlefield can result in either weight loss or weight gain. Loss can be regained.

But if you gained, you simply can’t starve yourself or just guess about which best foods to eat to lose weight.

To shed off the extra pounds, you need healthy eating tips:

1) Lose the cafeteria tray

Literally. Just stick to food that you can carry with your two hands. One of the funniest, yet truest diet tips.

Make sure to not forget the milk, bread, and fruit before sitting at your table.

2) No binge drinking

Healthy college meals mean no excessive alcohol. Beers and cocktails may be liquid but they pack lots of calories.

If it can’t be avoided, just stick to two beers or three cocktails. That’s healthy partying.

3) Water

Craving is not hunger. If after a meal craving kicks in, drink water.

It will divert your attention and fill your stomach. It’s also good to sustain your energy.

4) Fruits and vegetables

Easy healthy meals for college students, you ask? Remember, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true.

Fruits are a great alternative to junk food. In the same way, balancing your vegetable-meat intake greatly helps.

5) Calorie-counting

Nerdy? No, this is awareness of your nutrient intake. Losing weight in college is equivalent to eating healthy.

Honest use of a calorie counter results in a full stomach without worrying about unwanted pounds.

6) No stress-eating

College induces stress but it doesn’t mean you should eat just because you’re stressed.

Instead of Doritos, buy an apple or a banana. Equally filling but won’t make you fat.

7) Find a sport

Some find exercise boring. Solution? Find a sport you like.

Because you enjoy playing, you won’t notice that you’re already vigorously exercising and in turn, losing weight.

Play 1-2 hours, two times a week.

8) Fruit juices

Soda may be delicious but it’s fattening and unhealthy. Try cold orange, pineapple, or mango juice.

It’s equally refreshing and more importantly, helps you lose weight. 

9) Single serving

This has to be the hardest one on the list of safe and healthy tips to lose weight for students.

Losing weight in college and healthy eating also means disciplining yourself. Eat one serving size only.

Once you’ve trained yourself, everything comes easier.

10) Eat slowly

When you eat slower, you get to thoroughly taste your food and you’ll surely stop when you realize you’re full.

Note that food is not just your fuel, it’s also your enjoyment, so savor every bite.

11) Explore and mix

You might think that there are no healthy recipes for weight loss on a budget.

Crackers, pretzels, apples, or bananas with peanut butter, are all healthy college snacks, affordable and good alternatives to ice cream, fries, and burgers.

12) Walking

Yet another alternative to exercise. Around the campus. Around the neighborhood.

See and enjoy your surroundings. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll be surprised that you’re unknowingly but healthily losing weight.


Choices abound for safe and healthy tips to lose weight for students. With serious dedication, weight loss is possible despite college’s stress.

Truly, college partly determines your future but if academic work is too toxic that it already affects your well-being, a custom essay writing company is a good companion, so you can focus on becoming fit again – your health is more important.

Seek support from those who understand you because there’s nothing like a dependable companion who supports you in your mission.