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I’m very picky about jewelry, but every so often, I find a jewelry store that I fall in love with.  It’s not easy, but there are a few, very select stores and designers out there that really fit my taste.

There are three aspects that win me over when it comes to jewelry:

  1. Gorgeous & varied designs
  2. High quality
  3. Affordable & fair prices

I think Majestical Jewelry fits them all!


They have an ample online store to showcase their beautiful designs. It’s well organized and easy to go through. The images are flawless and clear, which is great because you get a good idea of what the jewelry looks like in person.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces! (Perfect for Spring)

Coral Bead Stunner Necklace

I quite like the ‘spring’ feeling of this necklace. I find the pattern unique and fun, and yet at the same time, intriguing to the eye. It would look gorgeous as an accessory to a low cut dress of any color, but I would really love to top it off with a token black dress. It has an Audrey Hepburn kind of vibe, and I’m really digging it!

Good as Gold Necklace

This one looks like a necklace I would expect Queen Marie-Antoinette to wear out in Versailles. Since my trip there last year, I became captivated by the palace and her regal lifestyle. The piece has a similar decadence to the intricate gold pieces of her chambers. I can just visualize her wearing out a similar gold and diamond encrusted necklace for all to see in all its glory.

Mini Wave Bracelet

I had a difficult time picking out a bracelet I liked best because they have beautiful designs that come in such different shapes. I’m generally into bracelets that look different – the type that will grab the visual interest of people around me. Of course, there’s always a time for a more traditional design, but for me, I’m all about being fashion ‘forward’ and unique.

And so, I was captivated by this wave bracelet. It reminds me of sound waves, and I think it’s neat how it loops up. It makes me wonder what it will look like on my wrist. It’s a mystery I want to solve.

If you’re also interested in Majestical, they have amazing customer services and deals. Just take a look at what they offer:

  • Free shipping for purchases over $50
  • Ships super-fast – within 24 hours.
  • Free gift pack with each order (awesome!!)
  • No hassle returns or exchanges
  • Worthy points system that will earn you freebies or discounts

I’m a new fan of Majestical, and I’m looking forward to following them and discovering all the beautiful, new pieces they put out for display on their online store.

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