It’s hard to be far away from a loved one, but there are a variety of things you can do to make their day and yours better simultaneously. Whether it’s a surprise delivery, a long Skype session, sending Hallmark eCards or an old-fashioned letter, we’ve got the ideas you need to make sure your ‘far away someone’ knows they are missed.

How to Make Someone's Day from Long Distance with Thoughtful Gift Ideas #longdistance #gifts

Become a Pizza Delivery Boy

You may be across the pond, but you can still deliver a pizza straight to your loved one’s door. Check out and set to ordering their favorite pie. You can even cover the tip online so they will have nothing to worry about. Don’t leave them in confusion for too long—have Domino’s employees write a special message on the box so they know exactly who to thank for their cheesy delight!

Floral Arrangements

Is anything more cheerful than a beautiful floral arrangement? Send your mom or your sweetheart a beautiful bouquet even from across the ocean. Use a bona fide flower delivery service and send an arrangement straight to their doorstep. If you forgot about a birthday or it’s a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, you can even get the flowers sent for same- or next-day delivery!

Skype Date

If you’re missing someone from home, you can easily make their day and yours by planning a Skype date. It’s free and all you need is a strong Internet connection. Plan ahead and be ready at your computer when the time comes. A little bit of face time can help ease the sting of missing said person, and it makes being halfway across the world a little bit easier.

A Foreign Chocolatier

If the person you’re missing is a sweets lover, you’ll definitely make their day with the delivery of some delicious chocolate treats. Whether it’s a batch of cookies that you send wrapped up or you choose to order chocolate covered strawberries from a delivery service, you can never go wrong with chocolate.

A Lunch Time Treat

Even if you can’t meet up for a lunch date (if only teleportation was real!), you can still treat your far away friend or family member to lunch on you. With companies like Seamless you can order their favorite meal from a local restaurant and deliver it right to home or office. Tell them to be at their desk at the time you schedule the order, and wait for their text or call of thanks.

Book Club

If you’re missing a fellow bibliophile, play to your mutual interests and start an international book club. You can read a book and send it to them with handwritten post-it notes on pages you love and highlighted quotes that you enjoyed, or you can select a book together and meet up for a phone call to discuss your thoughts on it once you’re both finished.


Jewelry is always a winner. If the person in question is your sweetheart, you really can’t go wrong with the perfectly selected pendant. A great idea for the jewelry lover across the ocean? A necklace that displays two clocks—one for the current time in their hometown and one set to the hours in your area. It will be a constant reminder of you and make it easier to know when it’s appropriate hours to call.

Talking Bear

A teddy bear is a classic gift—it can provide the hug that you can’t when you’re thousands of miles away. You can take it up a notch and send a bear that contains and plays a recording of your voice, with whatever message you choose. The person you’re missing will be able to squeeze their teddy and hear your voice—there’s no better cure for loneliness.

Do It Old School

Technology makes constant communication easier than ever, but it’s also made some sweet traditions almost obsolete. Send an old-fashioned letter for a present your loved one will receive with shock. Write down loving sentiments or simply describe your day-to-day activities. It’s not the content that matters, it’s the thought and the time behind the letter that will be sure to impress—and it may even bring a sweet tear to their eye.

Even from far away, you can easily make someone’s day and shock them with a delivery they won’t see coming. Up your communication time and send along heartfelt items to show your loved ones you’re thinking of them.

Do you have any more ideas on long distance gifts? Let us know below!

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