If you constantly feel pain or numbness in your hands and feet, then you could be suffering from neuropathy. This disease results from peripheral nerve damage that is mainly brought about by physical trauma, diabetes, or chemotherapy medication.

Apart from feeling pain and occasional numbness in your fingers and toes, neuropathy also causes muscle weakness, a lack of motor coordination, and oversensitivity to touch.

These symptoms could aggravate to unbearable levels with time, so it’s wise to take immediate action once you exhibit some of these signs.

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If you are not able to get help from home remedies, we recommend you to give these 4 specialists below a try.

Here are 4 places you can get help with neuropathy

Massage therapist

We’re all familiar with the overly calming properties of getting a massage. However, a less-known benefit of massage is providing relief to nerve pain.

If you’re suffering from neuropathy, you can manage the condition by receiving massage therapy. There are numerous types of massages offered by therapists, the most common ones being Swedish massage, chair massage, and deep tissue massage.

Once you’re ready to commence massage therapy, do your research and get a highly professional massage therapist around you.


Sticking needles into your body might sound like a torturous affair, but it’s an effective technique for managing neuropathy. Acupuncture is the ancient art of inserting thin needles into specific areas around the skin.

It originated from China but was adopted by Western countries due to its effective pain-relieving properties. Although neuropathy isn’t entirely curable, it can be managed using techniques such as acupuncture.

This technique is not only used to manage nerve pain but also utilized to relieve hip pain, depression, stiffness, and a plethora of similar conditions.


Chiropractors are skilled in treating wide-ranging types of pain, including back pain and nerve pain. Unlike conventional doctors, these professionals don’t prescribe over-the-counter medication to their patients.

Instead, they utilize various techniques that involve manipulation of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Simply put, they apply appropriate amounts of pressure on your muscles, bones, and spine. You can get skilled chiropractors from credible websites such as that owned by the American Chiropractic Association.

You can also get recommendations from your trusted doctor if you’re afraid of stepping into unfamiliar waters on your own.

Pain medicine specialists

These specialists differ from chiropractors in terms of their preferred method of pain relief. Pain medicine specialists use medicine to offer their patients relief from neuropathic pain. These medications are either administered orally or using injections.

Apart from treating neuropathy, pain medicine specialists could help patients to manage diabetes symptoms. There are several websites where you can locate qualified pain medicine specialists, including the American Board of Pain Medicine website.

The treatment regimen you choose depends on your preference. If you desire to try out something new, settle for chiropractic treatment and acupuncture. But if you’re skeptical about these alternative treatment practices, get help from a pain medicine specialist.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only. Consult a doctor for more information. See our disclosure here.