Peripheral nerves function to send messages from the spinal cord and brain to the rest of the body. When the peripheral nerves get damaged, the messages are interrupted therefore affecting how the body responds to reflexes such as temperature and pain.

Peripheral neuropathy is a result of damage to the nerves that send messages to the central nervous system. It is usually noticed in the feet and hands first. Alcoholism, infection, traumatic injury, and majorly diabetes mellitus are the major causes of peripheral neuropathy.

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The effects of peripheral neuropathy can either spread slowly over time or develop suddenly. Most treatment methods depend on the cause. However, below are some 5 home remedies to try for alleviating peripheral neuropathy symptoms:


Despite your age, health goals, location, or health history, staying active is one of the best things you can always do for your body. This should majorly occur especially if the cause of your peripheral neuropathy is diabetes-related. Regular exercise not only assists in maintaining a healthy body weight but also controls blood sugar level and blood pressure levels.

Continuous exercising reduces peripheral neuropathy pain and symptoms in diabetics. Exercises also boost intra-epidermal nerve fiber branching.

Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

Managing your blood sugar level is as important as exercising regularly. It will not only reduce pain in peripheral neuropathy patients but also prevent permanent damage to your body’s key systems such as the blood vessels and nerves. There are several ways through which you can manage your blood sugar level most importantly good dieting.

You should always eat more fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals, foods rich in fiber, chicken, healthy fats and foods rich in proteins such as beans and eggs. Avoid processed foods, sugars, trans-fats, and white bread.

Minimize Exposure to Toxins

Peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes is usually worsened by exposure to toxins. Reducing exposure to toxins helps in dealing with the underlying issue and improving symptoms. Toxins such as beauty products and household cleaners are some of the major sources of toxins in our environment.

Quitting smoking would also assist in reducing toxin exposure. This is because smoking causes constriction of blood vessels which causes circulation impairment leading to more pain.

Receive More Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced by the skin in response to exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is important for the skin helps to absorb calcium and also helps in reducing pain in the nerves. Most individuals with diabetic neuropathy usually have lower levels of vitamin D and therefore, they might experience more pain. 

Stress management

Both real and perceived stress is the reaction of the body to dangerous situations. Whenever you feel threatened by a situation, the chemical reaction occurs as a mechanism to prevent injury.

During such a response, the heart rate rapidly increases, muscles tighten, blood pressure increases, and breathing faster. Reducing stress lowers the body’s pain leading to an improvement in health.

There are so many causes of peripheral neuropathy. Therefore, each and every situation has a specific symptom and need as well. You should be more focused on the root issue rather than just reducing the symptoms by following the above-mentioned home remedies that are natural.

How do you keep your body healthy?

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