Try to imagine yourself living in the world 150 years ago. Technology was minimal. There were no televisions, computers, phones, and whatnot.

You can even consider yourself lucky if you had a decent mattress at the time. Now, take yourself 300 years back – back to the great 1700’s. Sure, civilization has come a long way from their primitive ways but still, the greatest form of luxury people had was having a roof over their heads and clothing on their skin.

Fast forward to 2018 – back to the present time.

Now, we have everything – a little too much of everything, even. In the late 20s, children were told stories of how the future would look like. Those colorful stories were filled with tales about robot dogs and maids, food capsules, automated machines doing household chores, and flying cars.

If you look at the world we have now, we’ve come pretty close to what has been prophesized. We do have robot dogs. We do have independent machines doing household chores such as the automated vacuum cleaner and electric dishwasher. And we do have food capsules. Well, kind of. Remember how in movies astronauts are shown to eat from tubes? Well, that happens to be true.

I guess what we really haven’t achieved so far are flying cars. But I’m placing a good bet it’ll be invented soon – especially with how land traffic is looking nowadays. It makes you wonder if psychics really do exist or if the past somehow created a blueprint for the future to follow. Speaking of the future, here are some of the more recent predictions people have about what’s coming next.

Point is, we have come to propel the world forward – but whether it’s for the better or worse remains to be unknown.

This brings me to my question: Are we living in a better world?

One argument I would like to bring to light is human health. Are we living better than our predecessors?

Sure, statistics show that the average human life expectancy is longer compared to 50 years ago. But why wouldn’t it be? When we have already broken so many medical milestones and overcame many breakthroughs. A person can now stay alive with an artificial heart pump. Someone who can’t breathe normally can stay alive with a respirator. Thing is, with today’s technology, a person can stay alive but not living. A person can avoid being dead but can’t stay alive either. So it’s really not a matter of how long a person lives but the quality of life he’s living. Don’t you agree?

Back in the old days, there were no such things as laboratory synthesized medicines. There only exists the abundance of nature. Over-the-counter medicines and vitamins were non-existent but people could afford to live a good life anyways.

It makes you wonder why.

Despite all these advancements, maybe what we really need lies in the simple blessings this world is endowed with (like this video). Maybe – just maybe – it is time we go back to our roots and start replenishing our bodies with the gifts this Earth generously offer us. Technology is great and all but it is not without sacrifice. Every day we expose ourselves to radiation, pollution, and other harmful elements produced by the unnatural ways of the world. And our bodies are suffering from them. It’s high time we come back to nature; high time we go herbal.

The best antioxidants come from natural fruits and plants. Mangosteen, for example, is believed to fight off many common diseases such as heart failure and cancer. Haritaki, on the other hand, can improve the state of your gastrointestinal tract. There are so many benefits and uses of haritaki you can’t even imagine. Another great natural remedy is maca root. It balances hormones and that way treats PMS. It also works wonders with libido (wink) and should increase energy. And these are just a couple of examples of the plants that might help us to live a healthier live.

You see, it is never too late for change. And while we enjoy the convenience and comfort technology provides, we must also see to it that our health is not sacrificed in exchange. After all, what good is it to live in this world full of wonder if your body is refused of the chance to enjoy it?