If you have visited Chicago, you know that it is a medley of art, architecture, and culture. Much of its charm is familiar even to those who have never traveled along its quirky alleys and food crawls because Hollywood has introduced the city through films with jazz, dance, and art. But there is a special district that not many know of — one that glistens with rows upon rows of diamonds. 

Chicago’s diamond district is out of this world both in glitter and prices and in the city where jewelry shine like stars, you will find affordable alternatives that will suit your needs. When visiting the Jewelers Row, be sure to step in and visit the stores like Love & Promise Chicago, who have been crafting constellation jewelry for over two decades, or any other stores that catch your eye.

A Fascination for The Stars 

The reignited love for all things dainty and star-like perhaps began with the recent craze for constellation piercings. You will rarely find bare ears as many now sport multiple piercings from double lobes to helix and conch variations.

And the fascination with a cluster of small jewels extends even to necklaces and rings, where you’ll find fashion-forward women stacking layers of small jewelry to create beautiful visuals. As a result, classic diamond studs on earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings have withstood the passing of time and remain essential in jewelry boxes and accessory drawers.

A Touch of Nordic Style 

Nordic design favors minimalist elements and thin, simple silhouettes that offer a down-to-earth look that you can sport every day. Choose floating bracelets paired with your favorite diamond studs and gold chains for a ceaselessly beautiful look. Pay attention to craftsmanship, as even low karat diamonds will glisten through the hands of a skilled jeweler. And if there is anybody who can create the highest quality pieces for an affordable price, it is Chicago’s local jewelers. 

If you are feeling more adventurous, 2019 has taken the minimalist trend to a new level by pairing dainty classics with big statement pieces; an unlikely combination that seems to work. Now, there is so much versatility in styling jewelry, allowing you to create different personas and looks just by adding or removing a piece. 

You even have various options for metals. Although yellow gold is quintessential, silver, white gold, and rose gold have recently adorned necks and ears just as alluringly. When deciding on what metal looks good on you, visit jewelers that offer a variety of options. You will undoubtedly find something that you will want to wear forever.

Timeless Quality

Everyone seems to have fallen in love with jewelry lately. But there is one drawback to this trend: despite jewelry being more accessible than ever, not everything lasts forever. There is a lack of quality control from high street brands, and as a result, they do not last. They are flimsy, tarnish within a few wears, and aren’t suited for long-term use. Consequently, you have to invest in higher quality jewelry made of real metals and diamonds, all of which will glisten forever. 

Jewelry is something that you wear on your body, so you want to be meticulous about choosing pieces that will not give you an allergic reaction, as many people are allergic to cheap metal substitutes used in accessories, such as nickel. To avoid complications on your body — especially on piercings — always opt for real gold.

It may be a stretch for some, but saving up for a metal that never tarnishes and consistently rises in value is an ideal investment for collectors and jewelry lovers alike. From a fashion perspective, a piece that is timeless in both design and quality will save you more money in the long run. 

Jewelry is a piece of your personality, a constellation that helps you shine brightly to onlookers, social media followers, and yourself. There is nothing more empowering than looking into a mirror and seeing yourself accessorized with jewels that make you happy. By trusting in the right jeweler, your happiness will be as timeless as the pieces that adorn you.