At the heart of China, Beijing holds the country’s richest educational, tourism, and cultural heritage. Though ancient, the city has maintained its top-tier buildings and aesthetics while adding a modern touch to it. The town is a beautiful place to live with affordable housing and consumer goods and services, comprehensive transportation networks, and excellent healthcare quality.

The city is modern, sophisticated, and efficient: not only is it home to the Beijing Grand Bridge, number 8 in the list of the world’s longest bridges, but it also offers a lot to see and do. Let’s take a look at some of Beijing’s top attractions:

1. Visit the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City, one of the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is one of the best tourist destinations that has preserved and maintained the world’s largest and most ancient wooden structures. Recognized as the center of Chinese power, the place was the residence of the emperors during the years of imperial operation. The destination has a superb design and a fantastic combination of visually striking colors. Exploring the city is a tremendously exciting way to learn the area’s history while appreciating the culture.

2. The Temple of Heaven

When looking to get a good harvest, the emperors visited this site to conduct their annual prayer ceremonies. Situated south of the Forbidden City, the Temple of heaven is the largest imperial complex of religious buildings at the heart of Beijing. Take a minute to visit this beautiful place, and who knows, you might just get a touch of luck! While at it, enjoy its unique structure and marvelous decoration.

3. Temple of Confucius

Confucianism is one of the three pillars that held the ancient Chinese Society. The Temple is where the people paid homage to Confucius, one of the best educationalists and ideologists in history. What better way to appreciate the ancient culture of the Chinese than to visit such temples.

4. National Museum of China

Visit the National Museum of China, east of Tiananmen Square, to learn the country’s history. Making this your first stop will make your tour around the city better as you will have a better grip of the town. If you are a lover of history and archaeology, bedazzle yourself any day of the week except Monday, as the museum is always open to you, showcasing the best and most valuable artifacts.

5. Beijing Ancient Observatory

This was one of the world’s earliest stellar observation locations that operated telescope-free. This is an excellent opportunity for you to explore the ancient Chinese astronomical equipment exhibited in this natural science museum.

6. Old Summer Palace

Also known as Yuanmingyuan, the place was one of the best-designed gardens in China with great architecture. Although it was looted and destroyed years ago, the ruins are still fun to explore, like a gaming adventure.

7. Landiao Lavender Garden

Get some fresh air away from the hassle and bustle of the city at this fantastic garden. Take some time off to calm and soothe your mind. Moreover, the flowers are presumed to have properties that activate our immune system.

Beijing holds a wealth of immense historical sites and cultural heritage of the Chinese. Be sure to visit all or at least some of the destinations mentioned above for a fun-filled, relaxing, and enlightening adventure. Also, don’t forget to enjoy Beijing’s tantalizing cuisine! These are some of the best dishes to try: the Beijing Duck, Jiaozi, and Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce, which you will most definitely relish.

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