Lately, I started watching this show called Dating in the Dark. The concept sounded interesting: 3 men and 3 women are taken to a house and date each other in a completely dark room, where they can’t see one another. The idea is that they give each other an opportunity beyond their physical look and find chemistry through their personalities. I was really attracted to the concept and the beauty of the idea of leaving the physical look to a side while placing more emphasis on the personality. It’s an opportunity we barely have in the dating world.

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I’ll say the truth – I enjoy it. I’m a sucker for realities in general, and this is no exception. I wanted to see people who maybe wouldn’t have clicked in other situations give each other a chance. I wanted to see girls with low self-esteem feel desired. I wanted to see sweet men and women who maybe are not considered the standard of beauty by society, but they manage to attract each other with their amazing personality. Gosh darn it, I just wanted to see dating where the looks didn’t matter nearly as much!!!

But I’m disappointed!

Sometimes, there are moments of true romance and really thoughtful moments that make me swoon. You see such sweet, wonderful, giving people who are just looking for love. But most of the time, the whole show focuses on the couples’ physical looks. Sure, you get to experience some incredibly nasty personalities (I’ll speak of that soon), but in the end, this show is really about the physical rather than the personality,

Every date they have, the couples try to figure out what the other one looks like. They touch each other, hug each other, ask each other – mostly it’s the men’s initiative. Isn’t the whole point that they’re in the absolute dark and not supposed to take looks into consideration at this stage? Maybe they should instead try to genuinely get to know the other person?

דייט בחשיכה

Keep it a mystery, darn it!

And then after a few dates, the lights come on so they can see each for the first time … THEN looks become a central focus. I feel sad when there’s disappointment because they imagined this unobtainable level of beauty in the women or men. There are these wonderful, sweet, attractive partners – but they don’t live up to the idea of what had been envisioned. So they lose their interest and move on. *sigh* Obviously, attraction is important in a relationship but I honestly believe that you can grow to become more attracted to someone because of their amazing personality or the love that grows between you. It’s happened to me.

The worst part is that the more I watch it, the more I hate people. There are just some really, really mean, racist, evil, egotistic people out there who happen to think they are God’s gift to mankind. It’s depressing. For example, the show is so openly racist: women rejecting men because even though they seemed brilliant and sweet in the dark, God-forbid, they are actually dark-skinned! (One woman actually said she wouldn’t date an ignorant dark-skinned Middle Eastern man, even though she considered him smart and gentlemanly before she saw him. WHAT!) Or the constant repetition of the rejection of the sweet, bright, giving girl who is not stick-thin or magazine-cover gorgeous. There was also this mean, snotty girl (pictured below) who continuously called another girl with a cleft lip palate ugly – and directly to her face at that. To add insult to injury, she kept making fun of her, saying that she obviously needs to date in the dark because otherwise, no one would give her a chance. Evil! If all these shenanigans are real, I’m very disturbed.

דייט בחשיכה

THIS is the worst person in the world. I hope her evil reputation precedes her.

So my overall review, I love to hate this stupid show. :/ It’s evil and superficial and it brings out the worst in some extremely crappy people. But thank God for the sweet, wonderful people who take part and show the beauty in their personalities.

Have you watched other versions of this show? I’m curious to know what happens in other countries!