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Blogging is more than a hobby – it’s a way of life, a form of expression, and for many of us, a job. That’s why we bloggers appreciate gifts that are representative of our love & passion for blogging, as well as our many needs to do it well.

From cameras to software to hosting, we bloggers need MANY items to be successful at blogging, creating a brand and gaining readers and followers.

That’s why I created this gift guide… a personal list of items that we bloggers need AND want! Follow along:

PicMonkey Premium Subscription - perfect gift for bloggers! As featured on Gift Guide for Bloggers @homelifeabroad.com #bloggers #giftguide #giftsforbloggers #holidaygifts #christmasgiftsAve and I swear by PicMonkey and we are happy premium users for over two years. Thanks to their browser-based image editor, we can easily create fun & attractive Pinterest & blog images. Neither of us is graphic designer (not even close!) but PicMonkey helps our blog’s images look great, and we only improve with time.

I say this from our personal experience – a premium membership to PicMonkey is a great gift for a blogger. The additional features really make an impact when creating images. Don’t believe us – believe our pins with tens of thousands of shares!


Bed Tray for Laptops - perfect gift for bloggers! As featured on Gift Guide for Bloggers @homelifeabroad.com #bloggers #giftguide #giftsforbloggers #holidaygifts #christmasgiftsWe love the idea of comfortable blogging from bed, especially on those cold winter days. That’s what makes a bed tray so great!

Made to comfortably fit a laptop, this one has a tilting tray so bloggers can position their laptop. It also has a fanning system to prevent the laptop’s overheating. And last but not least, it has space on the side for placing bits & pieces, including a cup.

Blogger bed laziness at it’s best.


Bluehost Hosting - perfect gift for bloggers! As featured on Gift Guide for Bloggers @homelifeabroad.com #bloggers #giftguide #giftsforbloggers #holidaygifts #christmasgiftsWe’ve been hosted on Bluehost for the past few years. There are many positive things we can say about their hosting (and a few negative). The prices are super cheap – one of the cheapest in the industry, especially if you pay for a few years in one go ($3.95 a month & up). The lower cost does mean that the sites are slower than competitors, but it’s not a significant difference.

Their support is great, uptime is 99.9%, they offer unlimited bandwidth and website space (for the slightly costlier ‘plus’ plan), plus installing WordPress on their system is a cinch.

If the blogger in your life is looking for a self-hosted site, Bluehost is the place to go.


Samsung NX1000 Camera - perfect gift for bloggers! As featured on Gift Guide for Bloggers @homelifeabroad.com #bloggers #giftguide #giftsforbloggers #holidaygifts #christmasgiftsProfessional cameras are crazy expensive, many reaching prices in the thousands of dollars. As a blogger, I don’t have that kind of money, but I still need to take great photographs. After all, a craft or recipe can only be as good as its photograph. Bad pictures = zero popularity for my posts on social media.

Then I found this hidden gem, Samsung’s NX 1000. I bought it for a cheap $200 from a seller who had one in an opened box but good as new. And kapow!! I had myself a cheap, professional camera that does its own magic when I use it.

I apply the settings, move things around a bit and even being photography-ignorant, I manage to take amazing looking pictures. Highly recommended!


Twitter Symbol Necklace - perfect gift for bloggers! As featured on Gift Guide for Bloggers @homelifeabroad.com #bloggers #giftguide #giftsforbloggers #holidaygifts #christmasgiftsWe thought this Twitter-inspired necklace was awesome. Bloggers are always looking to promote their blog and social media, so give them some help by creating a personalized Twitter or Instagram username necklace!

The company also creates hashtag necklaces, which I’m sure many peeps out there would love. The designs can be placed on necklaces, bracelets, anklets, key chains, tie clips and pins.

Talk about the PERFECT accessory for any blogger conference. Everyone would be talking about you and adding you on Twitter & Instagram. Who needs a business card when you have a @necklace?


So fellow bloggers, what do you want for the holidays? Tell us below!