Maintaining a well-balanced and good posture is a very important part of our daily lives. You see, maintaining proper posture not only helps one’s appearance but also one’s overall wellness as well. Poor posture can lead to over-stressed and tense muscles that will make you perform poorly in your daily activities.

Furthermore, poor posture can misalign the vertebrae in your spinal cord if not corrected earlier, and misaligned vertebrae could make your nervous system perform poorly in their tasks. We all know how important the nervous system is as it is the command center of the body that acts as the receiver and distributor of all the signals and commands throughout one’s body.

Additionally, a poor nervous system will contribute to a weaker immune system that will cause harmful bacteria and allergens to easily penetrate your body.

Now that you know how important good posture is, it is now time to teach you how to improve and maintain good posture. Below are 4 easy to follow tips for improving your posture.

Regular Stretching

Most people spend their days sitting in offices, slouching and maintaining a stagnant posture for long periods of time. If you live this kind of lifestyle, then you are most likely at high risk of having bad posture.

Stagnant positions for longer periods of time cause stress and tension to only a specific group of your muscles. We all notice how our back and neck crack when we finally stand up after a long period of studying, or how our legs and back get numb or sleepy when sitting for a long time. These all contribute to the regress of your posture.


If you want to correct it and relieve the tension from those muscles, then standing and stretching occasionally can effectively help reduce and redistribute the stress to other muscles. If you don’t have the space for stretching or standing, then changing positions while sitting can also be a good idea. Perhaps, alternate your sitting position from resting at the back support to leaning forward while straightening your neck and back.

Strengthen your Core

When improving your posture, you also need to focus on your pelvic and abdomen area or also known as the “core” area. The muscles around the core area act as the foundation or the base for your good posture.

A stronger core means that you can maintain a straight posture for longer periods of time. Thus, when exercising or working out, also try to focus on strengthening your core aside from your back and neck.

Sleep Properly

Sleep can also contribute to good posture, the same way good posture can contribute to better sleep. If you maintain good posture in your sleep then you not only train the muscles supporting your posture but you are also actually helping your body get better sleep.

As said above, good posture provides better breathing and relieves muscle stress and tension. Thus, always make it a point to sleep in the proper posture.


Use Posture Correctors

There are a huge variety of different posture correctors you can use to get a better posture instantly.

Did you know that women can use a posture bra as a posture corrector? Posture bras are specifically designed and manufactured to cater to every woman’s size and needs.

There are also different materials for the various types of activities whether it is for casual days or active days. Since women wear bras underneath their clothes anyway, why not wear something that will add more benefits such as better posture?

Do you have a good posture?

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