Valentine’s Day is just a month away and many of us have already started planning a romantic Valentine’s Day date, thinking about what gifts to buy and some will be rehearsing how to declare their love.

While I wildly adore gifts and romantic dates, I find that actions speak louder than words and gifts. I prefer to celebrate the love with small actions not just on February 14th but all year around.

There are so many easy ways to show your partner that you care, you just have to find the most suitable ones for you!

Prepare Their Favorite Meal

It’s said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While I really like that my husband surprises me with breakfast in bed once in a while, I also know that he loves it when I do the same for him. Our partners love to be pampered too, so give it a try!

Prepare a romantic dinner and surprise him with serving his favorite dish. You can also pack him a special lunch and add a funny note to lift his spirits. It’s a really good way to make him keep thinking about you throughout the day.

Encourage Them to Take Care of Their Health

Yes, it seems strange, but if you want to have a long life together, you and your partner better be healthy.  Things like changes in sleep patterns, lack of motivation, persistent fatigue, weight gain, and low sex drive might look like insignificant problems but they may be also early warning signs of vascular disease or dropping testosterone levels.

The chart above shows testosterone levels by age. Low T can have a tremendous adverse impact on your partner’s overall well-being and quality of life. Remind your partner to consult these little changes with their doctor.

But whom am I kidding, guys generally do not like to show weakness and are more reluctant to seek help (we have these roles changed in our family, though 🙂 ). Men use general practitioner or specialist services 10-20 % less than women. So remind your partner to attend their annual physical exams, make that dreaded dentist appointment for them, and keep your eyes open for any other health problems you might notice. Show that you really care!

Let Him Spend Some Time Alone

We all need some alone time and time to spend on our hobbies and favorite activities. Don’t be clingy, let him spend some time with his friends and family without tagging along. He might think that if he asks for some alone time, it might hurt your feelings, but let him know that you are happy that he spends some time on himself. You can suggest he play video games, play sports, or work on the car, whatever floats his boat.

My husband finds that we get along so well after all these years because of the alone time we give to each other. Yes, we live in the same apartment and spend a lot of time together, but being together, you can also have some personal “me time”. There are nights when we lounging on the sofa, he is watching movies and I’m reading. We are together but in totally different worlds.


Share Quality Time With Him

As I mentioned above, you both should have some alone time, but the time spent together is really important too! Plan a day or some activities doing things he loves. Get tickets to a football game, go to a car show, take a cooking class with him, etc.

These activities might not be your favorite ones and you might even hate some of them, but show your partner that you are willing to spend some quality time with him no matter the activity. I’m sure that after spending time doing his favorite things, next time you ask him to join you in an outing he does not like much, he is willing to go along anyway.

How do you show your partner that you care?

*The unedited couple image is designed by Freepik.