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I remember that we did really few science experiments in our science classes when I was a kid. Usually, there weren’t many hands-on activities, as the teacher conducted almost all the experiments, and we just watched. That way the science classes were quite boring, and most of the time we spent the time reading how things work instead of exploring, investigating and testing our theories on how everything functions.

When in university, I was a part of an educational investigation team, where we tried to implement inquiry-based learning in schools. When we asked teachers why didn’t they use different experiments and science activities in their classes, the response was almost always the lack of materials and not enough time.

So, we decided to work directly with teachers, created different worksheets and web-based materials and encouraged teachers to use more experiments and hands-on activities in their classes.

As a mom, I really hope that my daughter’s teachers let their students explore and have fun during science classes. I also know that it’s not always possible, so we try to do some fun experiments at home, whenever possible. Like this lava lamp one (click on the image to see the video):

Had fun with the #lavalamp #experiment! #kids

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I have gathered a list of 20 entertaining science experiments for kids. The experiments are really easy to make and usually, the items you need are few things you most likely already have on hand. There are experiments where your kids can see the results at the moment, but also some, where they have to wait for a few days or even weeks to see the end results.

Have fun!

Science experiments for kids

  1. Create some amazing fireworks in a jar.
  2. Grow a magic beanstalk and learn what plants need to thrive.
  3. See how rice dances in this lively baking soda and vinegar activity.
  4. Discover the secrets of water power with a plastic bottle and some water.
  5. Get your little scientist excited about chemistry by mixing up a batch of sparkly reindeer toothpaste.
  6. How do clouds work? Find out with a rain cloud in a jar science experiment.
  7. Try to fish for ice in this tricky salt and ice activity.
  8. Mix some colors with the help of crawling colors experiment! Waiting to see our results:

  9. Watch the dancing oobleck.
  10. Create a color changing milk with some simple kitchen products. Add some baking soda and vinegar and you get an exploding milk!
  11. Design colorful rainbows with viral skittles experiment. Here is our rainbow:

    Had some fun with the #Skittles experiment! #fun #experiments #learning #kids #food #toddler #color #rainbow #skittlesrainbow @skittles

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  12. Use paper, Q-tips, and lemon juice to create a super secret invisible ink!
  13. Attempt separating color mixtures with the delicate chromatography butterfly craft.
  14. Have fun with some cloud dough and then make it fizz!
  15. A messy but entertaining moon crater activity with rocks, marbles, and flour.
  16. Easy water beads science play is perfect for hands-on learning.
  17. This super colorful sprout house is the cutest science project I have ever seen!
  18. Learn how plants absorb water!
  19. Create fizzy balloons with some vinegar and baking soda! Be careful, they might explode!
  20. How many paperclips can fit in a full glass of water?

Did you like your science classes?

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