Why in the world did I decide to go paragliding?! I think it’s my need to be adventurous and try new, adrenaline-pumping experiences. According to my mom, I’ve been complaining about wanting to do this since I was a very little girl. So now, at the age of 28, I finally took the leap and went paragliding off the coast of Shfayim, in the central region of Israel where it’s a really popular sport. Eek!

Paragliding in Shfayim

Here I am, flying about! (Sorry for the bad quality pic)

So what is paragliding? Paragliding is the recreational and competitive sport of flying paragliders, as in the pictures below. The gliders are lightweight, free-flying, and depend on the wind for movement. Turns out that the reason this is done off a cliff is that the coast’s winds hit the cliff and shift upwards… that’s what was holding our paraglider up.  (‘Doh! I should have realized that… it’s basic science!)

I didn’t go alone because I have no prior knowledge of maneuvering the glider… so a guide sat with me and controlled the glider and I just sat back and took in the view!

Awesome paragliding picture

If we were good photographers, this is what you would see!

Paragliding is actually quite fun! It’s unique, especially if you have never done something similar. The first instance when you run and ‘jump’ off the cliff is exhilarating, and the view is just surreal. The sudden nothingness underneath you and in front of you is so freeing… it’s such a crazy, but worthy sensation!

I loved the first five minutes… it was heaven. The last 10 were nauseating… the guide was trying to be fun and creative with the moves and it resulted in my motion sickness hitting me fast and hard. I’m not built for this sport… I need my feet on the ground. :/ Luckily, I made it back to the ground before anything yucky happened to the poor beachgoers underneath.

Paragliding landing

Please let me land!

Overall review: Loved it! Wouldn’t do it again but it was a fun experience to check off the list!

Scariness level = 1.5/5. Definitely a great option for anyone who is scared of heights or these sorts of experiences. You don’t have to do anything at any point but sit back and let the guide take over!

Fun level = 4/5. It’s only a 4 because nausea took away from the fun.

Adventure level = 3.5/5. It feels far too safe! That diminishes the ‘adventurous’ feeling.

Nausea level = 4.5/5. Beware, people who have motion sickness.

HLA did not receive any compensation for the post. All thoughts and opinions are mines.