The United States of America is one of the biggest destinations for immigrants. It’s a country of immigrants with more cultures and ethnicities than most other nations. There is also no shortage of opportunities, and it’s home to the best universities and companies in the world. If you are planning to move there, the chances are that you have already done your research about lifestyle and career. However, there are some little things you might not know that could cause inconvenience after you move there.

All States are Different

There are over 50 states in this country, and each state is like another country. You don’t need a different visa to move from one state to another; however, laws and people are different. From the climate and economics to legal systems and cuisine, every state is facinating and different from another.

Most Expensive Healthcare

Before you move to the USA, be sure to get all the checkups, tests, and treatments from where you live now. This country has the most expensive healthcare in the world. You have to have really great health insurance or be very rich to find this healthcare system affordable. Even with all the insurances, it’s nowhere near helpful if you don’t have money.

You Can Use Removals Services

Moving is a big deal, and moving with a lot of stuff is even more difficult. However, you don’t necessarily need to rely on airlines to do the job for you, and that also after a great deal of hustle. You can take a professional service for removals to USA that will pick up everything from your current home and deliver it to your new home.

They Drive on the Right

About 75% of the world population drives on the right. The same is the case with the USA. If you are coming from a country where the driving seat is on the left side of the vehicle, it’s better to get some practice in advance. You won’t get your license if you are having trouble driving with this change, and police fines are not very small in this country.

Tipping is Mandatory

Different countries have different cultures – we all understand this. However, what many of us don’t know is that tipping could also be a part of some cultures. There are countries like Japan where people would be offended if you tip them after eating at a restaurant or living in a hotel. The United States of America, however, is not one of them. You will instead be considered rude and cheap if you don’t tip well. A general rule of thumb is to leave 15 – 20 percent tip of the total order.

21 Before You Can Drink

If you love to party and are a frequent visitor of bars and pubs remember that you won’t be able to consume alcohol until after you turn 21. Well, actually you won’t be allowed in pubs and clubs until you are 21. They will check your ID before letting you in, and they are pretty good at identifying a fake card. You can’t even get beer from a store without showing them your ID.