We could all use some natural beauty in our modern lives that are often dominated by technology and urban or virtual environments. If you’re not thirsty for some greenery, you’re one of the lucky ones! However, there’s no need to up sticks and buy a manor house in the countryside (though that does sound amazing, right?) to get some of the benefits of being surrounded by natural beauty.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard, nature makes us healthier, happier and calmer. Of course, hiking in a meadow will be a lot better for your mental and physical health than simply being surrounded by wood and fake plants, but it’s a start, right?! So if you’re keen to shed the hard lines and grey tones of many modern urban homes, here are some tips to incorporate natural beauty into your home environment.

Add plants

Number one, get some photosynthesizing buddies in your life! Plants are so fantastic. They purify the air without batting an eyelid and magically produce delicious food that everyone could enjoy (that includes the dog if he gets there first…). Not to mention that the presence of plants help us to heal better and to work better, according to researchers in the United States.

Now while these benefits are backed up by science, think of the other possibilities of including more plants within your home. If you’re not too happy with your evening routine or feel as if you’ve fallen into a bit of a weekend rut, this could be the start of a health-boosting hobby. Plants take care to thrive. You could dedicate some time every evening to pruning their leaves, watering them and reading books on plant care.

Okay, perhaps you never imagined you’d be a green thumb, but why not? It beats sitting in front of the TV, right? Start with a herb garden in your kitchen window, and see how you get on. Give a couple of plants some care, evaluate how it makes you feel before taking the plunge. There’s nothing worse than feeling guilty for innumerable plant deaths because you bit off more than you could chew.

Add tropical prints

Alright, but let’s be real. Do you really need plants in your home to benefit from natural beauty? Apparently not! Tropical prints are all the rage these days in interior design. This means that an accent wall with jungle-themed wallpaper is totally and utterly acceptable. Sounds like a hippie paradise, and maybe it is. Embrace your inner interior design hippie, and get some fake greenery in your home.

Honestly, just have a look around any trendy interior shop and you will find yourself amazed by all of the bright green cushions, throws, art prints, and statues. This style is a fantastic match to actual tropical plants. Pretty obvious? You betcha. But if you can get away with throwing around some fake greenery in your home, you might find that it has a positive effect on you.

Start small

If you’re not the kind of person that wants the responsibility of caring for a life, however absent of nervous system that life may be, I get it. But no need to make a hard commitment! Try it out with a tropical shower curtain and see if that brightens up your mornings!

If you remain unconvinced, and like the clean lines of some urban interiors – okay! There’s a solution for you, too. Natural materials. This means things like bamboo, bark, hemp, sand, and rattan. All of these materials can be made into wall coverings, floorings, furniture or decorations. The next time you’re remodeling, just think about where the materials come from. Not only is this ecologically conscious (a huge plus these days) but gives you a connection to nature. Again, sounds hippy-dippy, but we’re animals who are sort of unadapted to our current man-made environment. Be less like a robot, and more like a human, by reconnecting to Earth-produced materials.

Do you have any houseplants?