1. They remove dust and particles from the air

On those beautiful and sunny days, we often wonder if it’s the right thing to keep our homes shut. However, if air conditioners are well maintained, they can keep indoor air clean.

The filter reduces the amount of dust and debris from entering by collecting inside the HVAC system. To ensure that you buy the most worthwhile option, check the air filter Merv rating and choose one that is at least eight minimum efficiency reporting values (MERV).

The higher the MERV, the more efficient it will be at capturing those small bacteria and viruses that could be infecting your loved ones. 

2. They keep your HVAC System from Being Clogged

You may find that your air conditioning unit stops working, and you can’t find the culprit. You’ll be surprised that dust could be the issue. Dust buildup can cause the main parts to stop functioning.

However, it is preventable by maintaining and changing your filters every 90 days, you’ll enjoy cleaner air. Filters not only keep the dust-out, but they also allow the hot and cooled air to circulate your home and reach the chosen temperature.

Keep in mind that air filters are cheap in comparison to your HVAC unit. If you opt for low quality, you may notice dirty and dusty fan blades. Therefore, there could be clogged air ducts and breakages. 

3. Pets and Children Quickly Contaminate the Air

Pet owners see their animal as just another member of the family. However, these little furry creatures could be contaminating your home. Most pets don’t just sit in one corner, they genuinely roam around the whole house.

The pet dander impacts the air quality, and it may come as a  surprise, it’s not from the fur alone. Dander sticks to both the animal’s fur and skin that sheds.

Pet dander can be triggering for any individual who has allergies as it stays in the air for a long time. Pet allergies usually include hay fever-type symptoms, a lot of sneezing, irritated eyes, and throat.

When picking your next furry friend, be mindful that some animals cause more dander than others. Cats and dogs are animals that cause the most allergies.

However, a cat with short fur usually produces less dander. If you already own a pet and want to know how to keep your home almost dander free, simply change your filters regularly.

This is also essential when having children running around the house. They often get up to all sorts of things that can contaminate the home.

4. Air Filters Remove Odors From the Environment

Many different odors can come from either cooking, pets, and mold that may have started growing. The good news is that you can get rid of bad smells.

An air filter removes the particles that cause the odor and replaces it with clean, fresh air.

5. They Can Help Prevent You From Becoming Sick

When it’s cold season, you always worry when one family member gets sick the whole family is going to catch it. You may even try to keep family members apart at this time.

Clean filters can prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading in the air. The cleaner air can actually help you sleep better leading to stronger immunity. The filter can also prevent germs that cause allergies and asthma symptoms.

With corona and viruses galore, it's time to clean your air filters.

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