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Home Life Abroad’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014 brings you gift ideas for your long distance relationship! Here are some of our picks for your loved ones, so you can show your love and dedication the world away.

Long Distance Relationship Gift Guide @homelifeabroad.com

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One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your loved one from afar is a beautiful personalized gift. From photo albums recalling your wonderful moments together to sweet videos, even a DIY card, everything goes when it’s a unique and thoughtful personalized gift. You can check out our list of ideas here!




PicStick, featured @homelifeabroad.comThis is a sweet idea to recall the best and most romantic moments you shared together! Pick your favorite pictures, upload them, and pow – PicStick will send your partner the magnetized printed photographs… ready to go up on the fridge. Nothing quite like looking at those pictures, reminiscing on shared moments, and feeling the warmth of their love from afar. <3




julepSign up for a monthly gift surprise for your loved one! Monthly subscription boxes are a fun way to ensure that your love and dedication is felt and appreciated every month. Your partner will receive a package of surprise goodies on their doorstep every month with a variety of great items to enjoy. Here are some fun monthly subscription boxes that we personally love!



  • Julep Maven: A monthly box of makeup goodies (get a free initial box with a 4-piece gift!) ($24.99/month)
  • LootCrate: Geek & Gamer Gear ($19.37/month)
  • Graze: For the sweets & snacks lover ($6.99/month)

pillowCute matching pillowcases will remind you both of your strong love for each other every night when you go to bed. The pillows can be even better if you first spray a bit of your favorite perfume or cologne…this way, your special someone can feel like you’re next to them. The best part is when you are finally living together and you can place the pillows side by side… a perfectly matching pair!


couponsSend one of these beautiful and personalize coupon books to your other half! You can include coupons that can be fulfilled when you meet in person or while you are still dating at a distance. Anything goes like a sexy Skype talk, a full cooked meal, a walk in a park… the easy browser-based software will let you fully customize this gorgeous coupon book and have it shipped over to your partner.


countdownSet the countdown to your next meeting! This handy countdown clock will allow your partner to see exactly how many days, hours, minutes and even seconds are left until you can both be in each other’s arms again. Plus, the product comes with a handy template so you can print and place whatever graphic or picture you want in the white space… maybe a picture of you two and some text like “Countdown till we see other:”.