I’m trying my hand at programming. It seems like a natural path for me, all things considered.

It was at 13, the very first time I had a computer in my grasp, that I self-taught myself HTML. By the end of the first week, I had designed my first website and I was having a ball learning all sorts of coding.

But it never occurred to me to take it one step further and learn to program. For some reason, I always thought programming was far too complicated and difficult for me to learn.

No longer! I’ve decided to go for it. 😀 And below is my achievement after 2 days of learning how to program drawings. hahaha, it’s something, what can I say.

Elephant program

Elephant program (source code here)

Btw – if you or your kids want to learn to program, there are some great (and FREE) resources out there.

It’s smart to introduce your kids to computer science. If they like it, you’ll have future little millionaires in your hand.  Computer programmers will always have job openings available to them… and well-paid ones, too!

The free programming classes I’m currently taking (all HIGHLY recommended):