3 Easy Paper Cut Christmas Cards (Templates & Instructions included!) @homelifeabroad.com #diycards #christmascards

Making your own Christmas cards is a fun and frugal way to personalize your Christmas greetings. Just imagine the pleasant surprise of receiving a unique, hand worked card instead of the usual Xmas cards on sale!

I made these 3 easy Christmas card designs this year to give to my friends. Each comes with its own template – easy to print and then cut as directed.  Enjoy them, give the cards away, and be creative with them! I would love to see pictures of the designs if you make them at home.  (Just post them on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/homelifeabroad)


1) Snowman card: Download template

2) Merry Christmas card: Download template

3) Christmas tree card: Download template



  1. Print your template on paper. Regular paper printer works okay, thicker paper is best, but you can pick out any paper you want.
  2. Stick your print-out to your cutting mat. If you don’t have a cutting mat, a kitchen cutting board may do as well. I use Micropore medical tape to carefully stick the paper onto the mat – it doesn’t tear the paper once removed, nor does it leave a sticky residue.
  3. You will need a paper cutter and a ruler for edges.
  4. Start cutting out the gray areas. You always want to work from the inside out as the paper will be weakened.
  5. Use your finger to stabilize the paper and not allow it to break off.
  6. Once the design is cut, use the ruler to cut the sides of the card. Fold the result into a card.
  7. Use another paper within the card to create a background. You can write on it or design something on it as well.
  8. Enjoy your paper cut Christmas card & rest your fingers!

Disclaimer: These are my designs so please don’t steal. Feel free to link to this post and use the image for linking but do attribute this site as a source and link to the post.