I really enjoy gift wrapping – different papers, ribbons and gift tags always make me happy! This year I have decided to use gold/white Ikea gift wrapping paper I also used for my DIY Mini Christmas tree craft. Haven’t decided on the ribbon and gift tags, so I have to keep looking.

10 Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift @homelifeabroad.com #giftwrapping #gifts

 If you need some inspiration for this Christmas, check out these 10 creative ways to wrap a gift.

1. Red gift paper with a lace patterned rub-on by Craft and Creativity

2. Newspaper and glitter tags by Allora Handmade

3. Christmas chalkboard packaging by Going Home to Roost

4. Brown paper packages tied up with string by Robbie and Erin

5. DIY photo gift paper by C.R.A.F.T.

6. Silver tissue paper and Helvetica typography by Karen Kavett

7. Wax seal packaging by SignePling

8. Tacky dots & sequins by crafterhours

9. Burlap bags tied with red herringbone ribbon by The Penny Paper Co.

10. Washi tape gift wrap by The Sweetest Occasion

How do you wrap your gifts?