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We have been featuring some fun wedding styles from Rent the Runway these past few weeks. We first took a stop at the beautiful Napa valley, with its stunning wineries and grape farm back-drops. Then, we flew cross-country to Nantucket island, a classic, quaint island.

Today, we go to the beautiful Miami, one of my favorite locations in the United States!

If you have been to Miami, you know exactly what to wear to a Miami wedding. The weather is hot and humid, and ladies are exquisitely yet comfortably dressed. Fabric needs to be soft and thin, and of course, graphic prints and tropical themes are always a hit down in Florida.

Sexy sheaths and bright colors are the way to stand out, although don’t be surprised if many ladies are rocking their look; Miami is a fashionable place!

If you’re looking for a beautiful dress for a Miami wedding, Rent the Runway is the place to go. If you’re unfamiliar with the company, it’s time to get familiar!

Rent the Runway is a store that allows you to rent designer clothes for affordable rates! You can wear some of the hottest designers like Christian Sarano, RVN, Cushnie et Cochs, Nicole Miller, Clover Canyon and numerous other top-quality designs. Normally, you would pay thousands of dollars for just one item from their collection – with Rent the Runway, you will be paying much less for the chance to dress this chic!

Here are some examples of Rent the Runway outfits that are perfect for a Miami wedding:

Nicole Miller Calatheas Ruffle Sheath

Clover Canyon Garden Plaid Sheath

Matthew Williamson Tropical Sunrise Gown

So go ahead, get familiar with Rent the Runway! If you rent a dress from them, we would love to hear about it and see pictures!