* This post was created in collaboration with H10 Hotels. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When we lived in Lanzarote we visited H10 Lanzarote Princess spa center and since then we have wanted to stay in one of H10 Hotels but somehow they were always full when we had vacations so we never had a chance to book. So when I was searching hotels for a little weekend getaway I saw that H10 Playa Meloneras Palace had a couple of rooms left, I decided to book. We even invited my husband’s parents to come with us!

A Weekend at the H10 Playa Meloneras Palace

The H10 Playa Meloneras Palace

H10 Playa Meloneras Palace is a 5-star hotel that belongs to H1o Hotels group and is situated just by the Playa Meloneras in Gran Canaria. The hotel complex consists of 373 rooms, 4 pools, spa & wellness center, fitness center, boutique, 3 restaurants and 3 bars among other facilities.

The hotel’s design and architecture are inspired by Antoni Gaudí’s work. You can see the beautiful design throughout all the hotel but the lobby and reception area are the most characteristic I’d say. Even if you are not staying in the hotel, I’d recommend you to visit it and have a look.

The hotel has a wide array of sport and leisure activities to choose from – Thai Chi, stretching, Zumba and pilates classes, water gymnastics, ping pong, water polo, football and kid’s club among others.

Live music and shows are offered after dinner.


The check in was really crowded when we arrived at the H10 Playa Meloneras Palace. We had to wait but fortunately, the wait wasn’t really long. We filled in all the needed information and were given information about the hotel and parking options. The hotel has a private parking but it’s available only if there are free spots so we were recommended to park in the nearby streets.

The front desk people also warned us that the hotel is like a maze with different levels and it’s wise to check the signs when we want to find something. And it’s true. There are so many levels and it’s easy to get lost, but a little bit wandering and seeing the hotel’s gardens is not bad either.

As we our rooms weren’t ready we left the luggage in the reception (dug out the swimming clothes before) and headed to the pool. It took around 30 minutes for us to receive a call from the main desk telling us that the rooms were ready.

The check-in and lobby area are really beautiful and different from any other hotel we have visited and the views of the ocean are amazing!

The Room

I booked two garden view rooms but when we finally arrived at our rooms and checked the view from the balcony, I realized that we were upgraded to the last floor and given pool and ocean view rooms! What a detail! There was also a welcome treat waiting for us – chocolates and champagne in both rooms.

Our rooms had a great size and as we were on the last floor, the ceilings were really high and made the room look bigger. The rooms had two single beds put together and our daughter used the sofa bed. It also had a decent size closet, a mini bar and a long desk where we kept most of our phones, camera, and paperwork. The WiFi is free!

My husband really liked the mattress. He has back problems so we are always concerned about the density of hotel mattresses but he told that this one was perfect!

The bathroom was quite big too and what we really liked was that the bathroom had a skylight. I think it was the most luminous bathroom I have ever seen! The bathroom was well equipped with hair and skin care products, bathrobe and slippers, hair dryer, and a scale. It also had a bath! You already know that whenever I’m in a hotel I prefer a room with a bath. I took a bath or two with Sofia before getting ready for the dinner and we really enjoyed it!

We also had a great balcony with a view to the lazy river and kid’s pool and of course the ocean. The balcony had two loungers, table, and clothes drying rack for swimwear and towels. We had some cleanliness problems with the balcony border when we got the room but as soon as we mentioned it, the cleaning crew got it fixed more or less.

The best part of the balcony was the light ocean breeze we enjoyed before heading to sleep. We could even see the stars, it’s something we hardly ever can do here in the city.

We loved that every evening after the dinner when we returned to our room, the bed was turned down and there were chocolate truffles left on our bed. One day they also left a kid’s body milk sample for Sofia.


We chose a half-board, so our stay included breakfast and dinner (drinks are not included in the dinner). Both the breakfast and dinner buffets are held in the Tamadaba restaurant and you can choose eating inside the restaurant or on the nearby terrace.

H10 Playa Meloneras Palace offers a huge variety of dishes for both breakfast and dinner. I’m sure that everybody finds something to their liking. Even my picky eater told me that she liked the food. I’d recommend eating both meals early so there won’t be many people and you don’t have to wait in lines to get your pancakes, omelet, pasta or meat served. And even if you have to wait in line, they move surprisingly fast and the chefs are really friendly.

We really liked the food and the wide selection of cheeses, loaves of bread, pastries, and of course desserts!

*Chocolate fountain with gummies, profiteroles, and fruit! 

If you have booked a half board option, there is an option to change your dinner for lunch. That way you could dine in the hotel’s classy Gaudi restaurant or try some local foods in the nearby restaurants. One of the nights we dined at the beautiful Gaudi restaurant.

It’s a really beautiful restaurant with a great service and good food. We were offered champagne before ordering and the waitresses were really helpful and friendly. They recommended us what to choose from the menu and treated our daughter really well too.  I would recommend it more for a romantic dinner or for adults only dinner than for a family one. They do offer kid-friendly food (Sofia loved her pasta and ice cream) but the waiting times between the dishes are really long and kids get bored. The waiting times might have been affected by the wedding that was held in the hotel, so maybe usually it does not take so long.

Daisy Club

H10 Hotels has also taken into consideration their little guests too and offers tons of activities for kids aged between 4 and 12. My daughter is a huge fan of kid’s clubs and also mascots. As we haven’t visited and H10 Hotels before, we had no idea what to think about their kid’s program.

During our stay, we discovered that the H10 Playa Meloneras Palace hotel offers a lot of activities for kids and they are really well organized. The first night we attended a mini disco and Sofia loved it, especially when Daisy, the mascot showed up.

The second day the animation girl played with kids in the pool for almost two hours! She told us that we want, we can leave Sofia with her and go to the other pool or whatever we wanted to do. We were really surprised because we haven’t seen this kind of service in any other hotel! Thumbs up for H10 Playa Meloneras Palace for that! In the evening they organized face painting and bouncy castle and Daisy came to visit again!

In the evening they organized face painting and bouncy castle and Daisy came to visit again! We missed the mini disco on the second night because dinner took too much time. Sofia was really upset with us because she really wanted to see Daisy again. I have to say that we felt really guilty afterward. I wonder if the hotel sells Daisy toys or something, this would be a great gift for kids to remember the hotel by.


The hotel has 4 pools – kid’s pool, pool with a short lazy river, pool with a small waterfall and the infamous infinity pool. In theory, the kid’s pool should be heated but the water was much colder than in adult pools. Even my daughter who doesn’t mind cold water preferred adult’s pools. The waterfall and infinity pools are heated too and the water temperature was really enjoyable.

*The waterfall pool up front and a part of lazy river pool in the back. The waterfall pool has rocks behind the waterfall so you can sit on the rocks and relax behind the waterfall. My daughter really loved it! 

The Lazy river pool also has a small jacuzzi which turns on and off automatically so sometimes you have to wait for the whirlpool to start working. All the adult’s pools are 1.45m (4’9”) in depth if I’m not wrong, so they are not really suitable for kids who can’t swim yet. The lazy river pool does have a small shallow area with steps that can be used for small children too.

*The lazy river pool as seen from our balcony.

The kid’s pool is located just next to the pool bar and the lazy river. As I mentioned before, it should be heated but the water was much colder than any of the other pools. During the day though, thanks to the sun and being really shallow, the water heats a little bit, so in the afternoon it’s quite pleasant. One part of the kid’s pool is surrounded by sunbeds so parents can keep an eye on their kids comfortably.

*Pool games = free time for moms & dads

The infinity pool is suggested for adults only but we saw families with kids there so we took Sofia there too a couple of times. The views from the infinity pool are amazing! You can see the Atlantic Ocean, Meloneras Beach down below, and sailboats passing by.

In the evening you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset. As there is a tropical terrace bar just next to the pool, you might even enjoy your sunset with some live music.

*Infinity pool with a view of the ocean. 

*Infinity pool during the sunset. 

We really liked the variety of pools, especially the infinity and the waterfall ones. What also surprised me was that the pools weren’t overcrowded.

What could be better though, is the number of sun loungers The first afternoon we had to share two loungers between the five of us because all the sunbeds were full and it was super uncomfortable. So the next morning, we went to eat breakfast early and were by the pool at 9 am already to have loungers for all of us. Not the best way to start the morning but sometimes the sacrifices have to be made. 🙂


Most of the H10 Hotels have spa centers in their hotels and so does the H10 Playa Meloneras Palace. We were given complimentary entries to the spa facilities so we spent an afternoon there.

The Despacio Spa Centre has a dynamic pool with hydro massage beds, power showers, and a jacuzzi. The center also has a sauna, Turkish bath, bi-thermal shower and an ice fountain. Besides that, they offer a wide selection of different massages, facial & body treatments, and hairdressing services. They have also complimentary tea and water for the clients.

We spent most of our time at the dynamic pool enjoying the warm water, power showers, and a lot of whirlpools. I have to say that the Turkish bath and the sauna were my favorites by far. Oh, and the shower with an ice cold water and ice fountain were a blast after the hot sauna. My mother-in-law loved the jacuzzi, bi-thermal shower, and a special relaxing room.

Near-By Facilities

The hotel is situated less than a five-minute walk from the Meloneras beach and we saw a lot of families from the hotel heading to the beach with the kids in the morning. Next to the beach you also have a selection of restaurants, cafés, and a supermarket. The Maspalomas sand dunes are a 10-minute car ride or 25-minute walk from the hotel.

In Conclusion

H10 Playa Meloneras Palace is a great place for staying when you are traveling with kids. The extensive kid’s program, really friendly animation crew and the mascot Daisy make the stay at the hotel unforgettable for the little guests.

Things we loved about the hotel:

  • amazing kid’s program
  • free WiFi in the room
  • comfortable & clean rooms
  • infinity pool
  • dessert selection
  • little details left in the room

What could be better:

  • there could be more sun loungers
  • the WiFi is really spotty around the pools
  • there were wasps by the kid’s pool.
  • parking depends on the availability
  • kid’s pool water was cold

Web: https://www.h10hotels.com/en/gran-canaria-hotels/h10-playa-meloneras-palace

Address: C/ Mar Caspio, 5, 35100 Meloneras, Gran Canaria, España

Phone: (34) 928 12 82 82