Quite often, we are faced with choices that may seem difficult but can become very easy if we have adequate information.

Knowing where to retire is one of those situations; while the decision may be tough in itself, understanding the pros and cons of a particular area can make the decision monumentally easier.

A lot of the people that do have the luxury of deciding where to retire consider Australia, with the people, atmosphere, beauty, and general aura of the country being an important force of attraction.

It is still important to know what the specific atmosphere and retirement conditions are of the country, especially if you are going to a place that you do not know much about.

Retiring in Australia sounds like a dream... beaches, warm weather, and stunning landscapes. But what does it entail? Take a look at how you too can live the retirement dream in the Down Under. #australia #expats #retirement #movingabroad #livingabroad

Visa Requirements

For starters, there are visa requirements. You must be over the age of 55 to retire in Australia and cannot have any dependents other than your spouse.

People who apply will first be given a temporary visa, after which they can renew their visa on a two-year, rolling basis.

Living Costs

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, are the living and housing costs.

While Australia may not be the cheapest country to live in, it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive if you are careful and operate with a plan.

Cities with lower living costs do, however, have a lower standard of living, but one can live in an area that isn’t precisely cheap without having to sell a kidney.

Transferring money between your old home and Australia is convenient these days with online money transfer services such as Ria Money Transfer Australia.

It is easy to ensure that the transfer of money, at least, does not cost a lot and is quick, efficient, and reliable.

Furthermore, housing costs may not also be that much, given that you are ready to compromise on the area.

Housing costs vary from place to place; downtown Melbourne won’t be cheap but looking for a slightly older neighborhood in Brisbane might be worth your while.

Why Australia?

Apart from the worrying factors, there are also many things about Australia, most of which probably prompted you to search for this article in the first place.

For starters, the people of Australia are some of the nicest people in the world. They’re friendly, welcoming, and often extremely hospitable to foreigners.

Australia isn’t as connected to the world as other countries are, and so they are just entering the international scene.

Given that, they are highly keen on facilitating a country-wide integration between different people, cultures, and lifestyles and that makes for a very vibrant and welcoming community.

Australia is also gorgeous! It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and entails some of the best locations that you can ever visit.

With an almost country-long coast, there is plenty of access to the sea and to warm weather, which makes for an exciting prospect, especially for those accustomed to living in the cold with little access to water bodies.

Now What?

All in all, Australia has its perks and its drawbacks but is in its entirely a beautiful place to live in. It is vibrant and developing, and not too hard on the wallet.

While its vibrant atmosphere, engaging society, welcoming people, and uncountable array of opportunities are enough to tempt anyone, one still has to consider things such as living costs, visa requirements, and the housing market.