Living abroad often means you travel a lot—visiting family back home, exploring your new country or holidaying around the globe. You might feel like an experienced traveler, hip to all the tips and tricks that can make travel even easier. However, even the most seasoned jetsetter often forgets to take these five simple steps before heading on their next adventure.

Empty the garbage
Turn off the curling iron, shut the windows, lock the doors… It seems like there are a million things to do around the house before you head on holiday. But did you remember to take out the garbage and recycling? Forget to empty the bins and you could come home to some nasty surprises: bad smells, ants or even maggots!

Change your bedsheets
You probably won’t come home to bed bugs (or worse) if you don’t change the sheets before you go, but it will be a nice touch when you do return. Fresh sheets could make coming home more relaxing. No need to change the linens before you can curl up in your own bed—it’ll already be done!

Fully charge your phone (and extra batteries)
Smartphones have made travel so much easier. You can manage bookings, check your flight status and navigate an unfamiliar city on the fly! But, only if your phone is working. Fully charge it before you go, as well as a couple of extra batteries. That way, if you happen to get to your destination without the right adaptor, you’ll be set until you can find one.

Check your travel & other insurances
Having a valid travel insurance policy is something you should keep in mind when traveling. Especially if you practice high-risk sports or visit countries that are not considered safe for traveling. Unfortunately, people do get injured or pass away on holiday, and many travel insurance policies will pay to bring their remains home. However, that money may not be enough to also cover the cost of a funeral. It may be worth it to also have a regular life or funeral insurance policy to help your family cover this expense, plus the costs of closing your estate.

Pack a pair of flip-flops
No matter where or when you’re traveling, a pair of flip-flops is a must-have. They’re great for keeping your feet clean in shared bathrooms, but even a 5-star hotel might not be as clean as you’d think! They’re also great for the pool, spa, beach or casual walks. Plus, they’re light and thin and won’t take up too much room in your suitcase.

Are you guilty of forgetting to do these five things before trips? If so, keep them in mind the next time you’re planning a long vacation or just a weekend away. They could make your holiday a little more enjoyable and a lot less stressful!