As we all know, pools are great fun for all the family. They’re often the center of fun, games, relaxation and spending time together.

In order to preserve that feeling, we have to work on our pool and the area around it. The garden is a piece of canvas, you are holding the brush and it is up to you to shape it all up and make it perfect – just the way you like it.

While style is important, it’s worth remembering safety when small children are around. You can probably handle yourself, but your child is still young and eager to do all sorts of crazy things.

So, let’s begin

A significant percentage of household injuries occur due to home structure issues. When pools are involved, this adds a whole new dimension of danger for children.

Certain pool safety regulations can impact the overall design of your backyard, but they are there for a reason. The key to keeping your pool stylish is to start with them and work your way around them.

The first thing that is very important is a fence or a balustrade. These things can be quite stylish if you know where to look. Try searching for glass fences, or see-through plastic fences – so that the entire construction looks sleek and unimposing. Here’s one example of how classy this can look:


If you want to make the whole pool cleaning process easier for you, you can check out removable pool fences, but keep in mind that they are not as safe as the ones mentioned above.

The fact that they are removable makes it possible for your child to get past them, but they will certainly serve as a great reminder that it is forbidden to go in the pool without mommy or daddy. Here’s how these look in action:


It is advisable to install not one, but multiple barriers around the pool. Here you can also experiment and explore your creativity. For instance, you could combine the traditional fence with a glass fence right next to it. Go wild!

The next thing on the list is a pool cover. Nowadays, you can find automatic pool covers that, at the push of a button, cover your pool in an easy and quick way. Just don’t leave the pool cover remote lying around.

With these two things, your child will be safe and you will be able to enjoy a great view of your garden. Now it’s up to you to decorate the rest of it!