Ave and I wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween and a heartfelt Día de Los Muertos to all our latino friends and family!

Happy Halloween & Dia de los Muertos from @homelifeabroad.com

Día de Los Muertos is one of the most important days of the year in Bolivia. Bolivian families celebrate, commemorate and give their farewells to all the dead who visit on this one special day. Cakes, popcorn, candies and fruits are offered to nourish the spirit in their journey back to the afterlife, and there’s mostly a lot of bread baked in their honor. It’s a delicious celebration for both spirits and the living!

And so it became a yearly tradition for my friend María and me to gift each other the best T’antawawas (bread babies) every Day of the Dead, which we would gobble up because they are yummy sweet bread.

In honor of Día de Los Muertos and Halloween, I offer you all a symbolic t’antawawa! May you and your families enjoy the holiday. 🙂

T'antawawa - celebrating Dia de los Muertos in Bolivia

How do you celebrate Halloween or Día de Los Muertos? Tell us below!