The nervous system is one of the most important parts of your body. It is involved in pretty much everything that your body does ranging from sensing hot and cold temperatures, controlling muscles, and regulating how you breathe. Did you know, that your body is made up of three types of nerves?

  1. Motor nerves control your actions and movements by transmitting information from the brain and spinal cord straight to the muscles.
  2. Sensory nerves which transmit information from the muscles and skin to the spinal cord and brain.
  3. Autonomic nerves control involuntary activities in the body such as digestion.

Seeing how nerves play an important role in your body clearly paints a picture of how much of a negative impact will be caused when they are damaged. Neuropathic pain, better known as nerve pain has turned the lives of many people upside down.

To get a much deeper understanding, here are a few ways nerve pain can impact the quality of your life:

Impact On Sleep

Troubled sleeping patterns are a common phenomenon in people suffering from nerve pain. You will experience the same if your nervous system is damaged, The level of sleep disturbance you experience will be based on the intensity of the nerve pain you have. Medication and treatment need to be initiated immediately to correct this sleeping imbalance.

Impact On Sexual Function

Sexual impairment is something you’re more likely to experience when suffering from nerve pain. Several issues sponsored by neuropathic pain such as difficulty in getting an erection, holding up different positions, and the lack of fervency in sexual performance all contribute to sexual impairment.

This negative impact of nerve pain on sexual performance can destroy your relationship if your partner feels sexually unsatisfied. The probability of separation or incidents of infidelity is quite high in such scenarios.

Impact on The Heart

Nerve pain can negatively affect your cardiovascular health and sponsor heart disorders such as hypertension. Baroreflex is a mechanism in the body that helps to moderate blood pressure. It also plays a role in the physiologic systems of pain suppression.

When you suffer from nerve pain, the sensitivity of baroreflex goes down, thus placing you at a higher risk of contracting hypertension.

Hypertension will damage your heart, kidneys, eyes, and brain. This will drastically lower the quality of your life. All these problems originate from nerve pain.

Your Overall Quality Of Life Goes Down

Nerve pain affects your daily activities. You can’t work as productively as you used to before so your employment status is at risk. Your social life is also interfered with. Your level of activeness goes down immensely. Having fun now becomes a sweet memory rather than a normal daily affair.

There are meals you can no longer enjoy such as fried foods. Alcohol is a no go zone if you are a lover of it. Worse still is that the pain keeps increasing by the day if proper care and treatment are not initiated immediately.


It is recommended that you see a neurologist take you through the treatment process. In addition to that, you can start using vitamin supplements and herbs for nerve health. They’ll help a great deal in treating neuropathic pain.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only. Consult a doctor for more information. See our disclosure here.