Most of us, when signing up for a massage session, expect to receive a lot of pleasant sensations. Sensations that will allow us to relax with our whole body, enjoying the aromas of oils or other products used for the massage. However, when we go to the session, instead of our expectations, we sometimes face the harsh reality. Instead of complete relaxation, we get a portion of painful sensations. And this is exactly how sessions begin with real masters of their craft – professional massage therapists.

In this article, we will try to figure out who needs massage and what factors should be taken into account when choosing this method of healing.

Finding the right specialist

Now all the so-called specialists in any field of activity create accounts on social media in order to attract more customers. They might have the best accounts ever seen, but the key rule when looking for the right specialist is to find a specialist with a medical degree. It can be either higher education or vocational secondary education. The main thing is to find a specialist who is an expert in massaging.

You can see a beautiful picture, a lot of positive reviews, and even a certificate of completion of some massage courses. But this does not mean that a person has a complete understanding of wellness massage. Of course, you can turn to such a specialist if you just want to stroke your back and stretch your shoulders, but if you have indications for a massage because of your medical concerns, then it’s better to find a qualified professional with vast experience.

First of all, a massage therapist affects different points of our body. Misunderstanding and ignorance of the basics of massage can lead to sad consequences. First of all, think about your health.

The next important point is that before the start of the first session, professional massage therapists always collect data about your health conditions. Based on gathered information, they draw up a session plan. Massage is not recommended for every person. The main contraindications include colds, tumors, tuberculosis, back problems, blood diseases, mental disorders, and etc.

Massage process

In the best way, massage sessions should be carried out in the morning. Before the start of the working day and in the evening after your work. The morning massage will disperse the blood through the body and energize you for the whole day. In the evening, the master can conduct a relaxing massage session that will calm your body and prepare you for a sound, healthy sleep.

Before you arrive for a massage, it is advisable not to have breakfast. Not to overload your brain with unnecessary thoughts, and try to tune in to receive the massage. Mindful perception will more effectively affect the results of the sessions and will allow you to perceive physical sensations less painfully.

During the session, it is also recommended to tune in to yourself and listen to your own body. The essence of massage is the exchange of energy and trust in the master is essential.

At the end of the session, it is important to give your body some time to rest. You do not need to stand up immediately after the session, otherwise, it can lead to fainting and muscle weakness. It is also undesirable to consume caffeinated drinks: tea, coffee, energy drinks. Avoid eating heavy foods at dinner. Boiled or baked vegetables are the best options.

When a specialist selects the right massage technique for you, your body immediately responds positively – you feel lightness and relaxation. If this does not happen and all you feel is painful sensations, then the massage therapist did something wrong. It’s important for you to tell your specialist about this in order for him to restructure the session plan. It is important to remember that a wrong massage session may even worsen your health.

Do you really need to sign up for a whole course of sessions?

Conducting courses of several sessions is not a whim of massage therapists in order to earn more money. It is impossible to achieve results in one session. The first few sessions are called sensitive sessions as you go through some painful and unpleasant sensations. After that, the muscles in your body become more flexible and the internal processes of your body are activated, signaling that this is working.

Do you go to a massage therapist?