Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Moms

Posted on Jan 31 2014 - 10:00am by Ave

Have you already thought on what you would like to give to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? If not, check out our gift ideas for moms. If you wish to make DIY gifts, visit our DIY Chocolates post.

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Mom #valentinesday #valentinesgifts #mom


What would you like to get for Valentine’s Day?

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  • Robin Rue

    Great list of gifts you have here. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in our house, but I wouldn’t mind some of those things for another occasion.

  • Terry My Journey With Candida

    This year since my Hubs is healing from knee surgery, I doubt we will do much for Valentines Day. My Hubs and I have such a hard time getting each other gifts because when we want something, we just go out and buy it.

  • mail4rosey

    I think my teen would love those gloves, the heart factor would seal it, but the fingerless option would be a hit too (gotta run that texting, you know). 😉

  • vinma

    These are some great gift ideas for everyone in your list for this Vday! I am going to shop very soon and this list will certainly come handy. Thank you 🙂

  • Michele

    Getting something for my Mom has never been easy –now that she is 91-it is even harder!! Yes, she is in great shape–but has virtually everything by now–maybe an orchard plant, she does love flowers!

  • Fabulous Perks

    These are really great gift ideas. I love them all! I would love that spa kit for myself and my mother.

  • Pam W

    I like the mommy spa skit. I would love to receive one of those!

  • JadeLouise Designs

    Definitely the chocolates! I want chocolates, flowers and a back massage!

  • Theresa

    Those are good ideas! I love getting handmade valentine’s from my girls, but chocolates are always great too 😉

  • ashj3nt

    These are great ideas! I love the gloves! So cute… The Spa Kit would definitely get this family some brownie points.

  • Great gifts, Ave! Chocolate is a winner always, as far as I’m concerned!

  • Kimber Ashley

    Those mittens are adorable! Too bad I live in Las Vegas where I would never get to wear them haha!

  • becca

    i’m hoping for chocolates or a new book for valentines this year

  • Jennifer Williams

    I am getting a new home this year so I am thinking that will be my only gift. I have always wanted an Orchid, hopefully they grow well where we are moving so I can finally get one.

  • Amy @ MI Savings Mama

    Yummy, Chocolate! Those gloves are very cute. This Valentines day I think I have the best gift, I will have both my kids at home with me! (Yea for mid winter break)

  • Veronica Solomon

    These are great hand picked gifts for mom! Nice line up

  • Since my boyfriend is out of the country for work – I’d probably just want him beside me. 🙂

  • Debbie Lamb

    I love the gloves! The heart in the palm is so cute. I especially like it that you need both hands to make the heart! The candy also looks very good too! Really you have a very nice selection of items – something for everyone.

  • I also love the gloves. Not much use here in Houston so if I think a better choice for me is spa kit. I would love some quality time alone.

  • Mel Cole

    I like the orchid and chocolate idea for a Mom’s gift 🙂

  • Lawna Young

    Those are some great ideas. I especially like the spa set because nothings better than an at home spa day.

  • Danity Donnaly

    Those gloves are so cute! I’ve never seen anything like those.

  • I think these are some great gift ideas. It’s so hard to find just the right gift for mom sometimes.

  • cyndie

    i really like the spa kit. Let me link my kids so they can see this post!

  • Nicole L

    What great suggestions, love the mommy and child kissing – so cute! That is something I would love to have!


    Wow love all these gift ideas. I especially would love snuggling with that pillow! And the spa kit would be a welcome treat!

  • These are great ideas! And I’ll take whatever my hubby wants to give me – he’s good at presents 🙂

  • Wendy Kaufman

    The fingerless gloves for me, please! I have a pair and wear them constantly, and I like the ones you showed above better!

  • Corinne Schmitt

    I would love any of these, but I especially love the orchid!