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5 Great Tools to Improve your Blog Content - learn the tricks of the trade! @homelifeabroad.com #blogging #bloggers #content

Ave and I have been blogging for over 5 years each, combining our experience with a whopping 10 years… so we like to think we know our stuff when it comes to blogging!

As we progress in our blog, we pick up more and more ideas, tips and tricks to improve our site and our posts and content. Now we would love to share them with you.

These are 5 of the best tips we picked up over the past year.

Use Grammarly to edit your content

We all make grammar and spelling mistakes when we write posts. As bloggers, the majority of us don’t have editors checking our work, so we can use other tools to help us out. One of our fave discoveries is Grammarly, which quickly checks content for any grammar, diction and spelling mistakes. As a matter of fact, I used it on this article and found over 10 grammar mistakes. Thanks, Grammarly!

Ah! So many grammar & spelling mistakes to fix.
Ah! So many grammar & spelling mistakes to fix.

Create attractive titles with a title generator

Coming up with great content titles is tough. You want to attract readers’ eyes but still, have a clear understanding of what the article is about. You also want your article to be easily found by search engines… in comes Impact BND’s Blog Title Generator! This great tool helps you come up with an attractive title and maybe even a topic.

Title generation at work!
Title generation at work!

Find & join roundup groups

Building round-ups, especially during holiday season, is a great way to attract readers and views. We’ve seen our round-ups attract hundreds to thousands of new readers to our blog. Finding great recipes, crafts and ideas for your roundups are time-consuming. You also want to check with bloggers that they’re okay with their content being added to the roundup. It’s a lot of work!

A few savvy bloggers created Facebook groups where we can all ‘contribute’ our posts and give everyone permission to use our images in their roundups. Likewise, by joining you can feel free to use and link to other members’ recipes, crafts, and posts on your own round-ups. Join the group here!

Example of a round-up for Halloween. So far, 335 offers from Bloggers to use their posts on roundups!
An example of a round-up list for Halloween. So far, 335 offers from Bloggers to use their posts on roundups!

Get free, high-quality pictures

High-quality photography is expensive, but we bloggers can’t budget in pricey pictures for every post. Luckily there are free options available for our use! These are my go-to sites to find free pictures and images:

You can also go to Getty Images and use their embed option to get gorgeous, high quality, stock photography for free.

So many free images!
So many free images!

Create attractive blog images and headers

I’m no graphic designer. As a matter of fact, I’m awful at drawing, I’m color-blind when it comes to picking colors and I lack the ability to make beautiful images. However, using some tools like Picmonkey, Pixlr, and Canva, I’m able to create some pretty decent images for the site! Usually, I’ll make Pinnable images (our #1 traffic source right now!).

Nowadays, there are also photo editing apps available, so you can even edit images while waiting for the bus! My favorite is Canva, which is available for iOS and Android.

Check out Ave’s break-down of free tools for blog images to see all the useful options available to us!

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Not bad for someone who is useless at graphic design, right??

What other tools do you use? Have you used any of the tools we shared above? Let us know below!

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