I find it really hard to concentrate on regular posting during the summer time. It feels like a sin sitting in front of my computer when the weather is great and the only thing in my head is the beach.

So if you are interested in checking our doings during the summer, you are welcome to follow our Instagram account.

Below you can find a little selection of our adventures during the month of June!

Watching #janethevirgin! A great way to start my #vacation. #ginarodriguez #justinbaldoni #telenovela #tv #tvshow

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Normally, I don’t have much time to watch TV, so while on vacation, I try to check out the latest series and shows. I discovered Jane The Virgin some time ago and at last had the time to finish the season.  I’m not a fan of telenovelas, but somehow this one captured my attention and can’t wait for the next season!

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For the first time in almost 3 years, we had a little family holiday away from our island. We had a geat time in Tenerife visiting Loro Parque, enjoying good food and we also visited my sister in law. Sofia loved the vacation and behaved so well that we are planning a new trip as soon as possible.

Tenerife is famous for its guachinche restaurants. These are makeshift restaurants that are set up in garages, in the middle of plantations or even in huge storage buildings. They offer delicious home-cooking and often the produce comes from the garden surrounding the restaurant. The portions are huge and really economic. The dish you see above was meant for 2, but 4 persons ate that and we had leftovers to take home.


The highest point of Spain is a volcano – Mount Teide. The volcano is still active and it’s surrounded by the Teide National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site). The National Park is one of the most visited ones in the world! We wanted to reach the peak by the cable car, but sadly, the weather at the top was really bad, so it was impossible to reach. But as the surroundings of the peak are amazing, we spent a great time walking and taking pictures.


Just a day after we got home from our holiday, I had a sales technique training in Madrid. We spent a day in an NH hotel learning new tips and tricks. The course was interesting and I got great ideas for my work, but all the time spent arriving at Madrid and then flying back home was really exhausting.


Can’t believe that my daughter finished the kindergarten already and starts pre-school in September. I really hope she will be ok with all the changes. We spent some time on a new playground we found after her last day of kindergarten. Have to start back to school shopping soon!


The weather has been great lately, so whenever we can, we head to the beach. We are really lucky, as the beach is just 10 minutes of walking distance away. The best time to hit the beach is in the morning, so there are not many people. During the lunch time and afternoon, the beach is almost fully packed with people enjoying the good weather.


I really love summer as there are so many seasonal fruits! I try to consume a lot of fresh seasonal fruit and veggies whenever possible. These little apricots made me think of the sun and happy summer days!

How did you spend the month of June? What were the best moments?