Just 6 hours left for the Eurovision 2015 final concert to begin!

I was a big fan of Eurovision when I was a kid but after moving to Spain, my interest started to fade little by little. But over the recent years, I’m getting excited again when I think of the month of May and the song contest.

Eurovision!? What’s that, you ask. Well, If you haven’t heard of Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), then I suppose you are not from Europe. ESC is the world’s largest music television event!

According to culturemap Huston, ESC is bigger than the Grammys, Super Bowl halftime show, The Voice and American Idol… and it will be viewed by more people worldwide than all of those events combined.

Eurovision Song Contest is hosted in Austria, Vienna this year and 2015 is an important year for the contest. ESC celebrating its 60th birthday and this year Australia is participating too. I know that Australia does not belong to Europe, but you can read more about why they enter the contest here.

I haven’t chosen my favorites for years, but as this year there are so many great songs, I decided to share my favorites with you too!

My favorites for the Eurovision 2015 final in the order as they will perform in today’s final:

Estonia: Goodbye To Yesterday sung by Elina Born & Stig Rästa

Sweden: Heroes sung by Måns Zelmerlöw

Australia: Tonight Again sung by Guy Sebastian

Romania: De La Capat/ All Over Again sung by Voltaj

Azerbaijan: Hour Of The Wolf sung by Elnur Huseynov

Russia: A Million Voices sung by Polina Gagarina

If I piqued your interest, the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest can be watched online at www.eurovision.tv.

Do you watch Eurovision Song Contest? Which song is your favorite?