Picture Book Reading Challenge (#7)

Posted on Apr 11 2014 - 11:08pm by Ave

We have completed the week #7 of picture book reading challenge and here are the books we read!

The concept of the challenge is to read minimum 5-6 picture books a week to your kids, so that in the end of the year, you have enjoyed around 300 new books. As we started the challenge in the end of February, I should read minimum 220 books/stories to Sofia.

1. Penélope en la granja

2. Penélope en la playa

3. ¡Veo Veo! la granja

4. Peppa Pig – Bichos

5. Dragón (Aprende los tamaños)

6.  ¿Quién?

7. Saabastega kass (Puss in Boots)

You can see our other read books during the #300PBs challenge HERE.

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  • Kenneth Manaloto

    This is a very nice challenge especially for parents who wants their kids to engage more on reading real books rather than enjoying techie tablets or mobile gadgets. The good side of this is it is inexpensive and also books will never break even you drop them accidentally unlike tablets or phones.

  • Boonie

    I love this challenge! I’m going to save your post and link to it later when I write about parenting and literacy ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this idea! 🙂 I love the visuals, too.

  • Mama Online

    Great idea! I have pinned this post to my “Teaching Letters and Reading” Pinterest board. We love picture books!

    Side note: I am Tina Truelove. I don’t know why the comment app is posting me as “Mama Online.” I used that years and years ago while commenting on a local news article. I haven’t heard it since. 🙂

  • Espinelli

    Very cool idea! Should totally spark young kids’ imaginations too!

  • This is pretty awesome & great way to get kids reading new books. My kids are always reading and on their own, they love reading, I lucked out!

  • This is awesome! My son has a 100 book challenge! I think its a great way to get the kids into books. Not only does he have to read the book but he has to write about it and hes only 6! It only has to be one sentence but I love it!

  • These are fun! I should buy some of these for my niece!

  • My nieces would probably love this! Well, they got something to read this summer. 🙂

  • oh I need to take on this challenge! We read 3-4 times a week only!

  • Frank Posada IV

    Hello Ave,

    If only I had kids would I accept this challenge of yours. Maybe I can read to my friends kids so that I can experience what it feels like reading to a younger person. I imagine I would feel happy doing this. May all of you reading this that have kids, please love your children and spend more time with them. Children are gift and need as much attention they need especially during their early years. Whatever you are doing in life, work, school, errands, always find ways to spend more time with your children. Ave, it is a pleasure. May your journey being home away from home be a good one. Home is where the heart is. Thank you.

  • Angel

    Awesome challenge! My daughter is in Grade 1 and is getting really good, this would be great for her to do! Thanks for the idea!